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Carburetor Throttle Cable Bracket: What to Consider

For the internal combustion engine to work at its best and dish out the needed power, it needs the right amount of fuel mixed with just the right amount of air. The job of the carburetor is to maintain the right blend. The throttle cable of the carburetor is used for adjusting the throttle. Now if the bracket that secures the cable is damaged or broken, you won't be getting the best performance from the carburetor. If the throttle cable becomes loose, you can notice decreased engine speed. If it's a little too tight, the RPM will go a little high. To maintain the right cable adjustment and keep everything in place and in good working order, the busted carburetor throttle cable bracket has to be replaced right away. We can help you sort through your options.

Material and finish

To be able to secure the cable and withstand the forces under the hood such as heat, pressure, and vibration, the bracket should be made of top-quality materials, such as solid steel for strength and support. As for the finish, most are available in chrome or are chrome plated. The finish or coat should provide ample protection against corrosion and the harsh elements. Rust can eat away at the metal until the bracket becomes weak and eventually breaks. It's highly advised that you search for a dependable OE replacement, which can be sourced from well-known OE brands and trusted aftermarket manufacturers.


The bracket may come in a slotted design or in other styles, depending on the vehicle's carburetor specs. While some brackets would fit most vehicles, you have to be sure that the replacement is designed to match the unit. You shouldn't have too much trouble installing it or setting it up. Look for a cable bracket that's compatible with the vehicle's factory carburetor. Some brackets are specially built for A/T vehicles that are equipped with a cable-operated throttle. Some can be mounted to a carburetor stud; others are mounted to the intake manifold. When necessary, some brackets have to be used with the right cable plate. These details can make a difference in your search for a fitting replacement. Check your vehicle manual for all the needed details and compare these with the given product specs.


The bracket cost will vary based on the brand, vehicle, and design, but to give you an idea, it may be sold around 10USD to a little over 20USD. Some stores can offer at least 15% savings as they've partnered with OEMs and other suppliers, including aftermarket manufacturers. Some can also match or beat prices, so it pays to shop around to get the best value for your money and to find the best deals.

Product warranty

You can get at least a 90-day limited product warranty on a carburetor throttle cable bracket. Some manufacturers, however, can offer as much as a 1-year coverage.


You have to check the cable adjustment as this can affect the engine idle speed and may cause other problems if not corrected. Also see if other parts need to be replaced along with the bracket such as the carburetor cover or plate.

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