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The tailgate can't completely protect the cargo you load on your truck bed. Even with a functional tailgate, your belongings can slide around it while you drive. To prevent hassles such as spilled liquids and broken stuff, equip your truck bed with a cargo bar.It's just like putting up a divider in your truck's cargo area. The bar easily clamps against the bed's side panels and can be lengthened or shortened depending on the width of the bed. No matter how heavy the cargo is, this bar won't budge.It even allows you to quickly organize the cargo on your truck's bed. For example, you can keep groceries on one side of the bar, and your tools and equipment on the other.The cargo bar is a convenient accessory to have in your truck's bed, especially if you're hauling precious or fragile cargo. If you're interested in getting one, various cargo bars are available at Carparts.

• Length can be adjusted from 45 to 70 inches

• Has large rubber pads with a secure grip that won't budge

• Keeps your cargo from getting thrown around your truck's bed

Shopping for a Cargo Bar

Don't you love your pickup truck's abundance of space? It can hold a whole lot of stuff in the bed-the problem is keeping it all in place as you drive about. Congratulations if you're reading this-you found the simplest and most affordable solution to organizing your cargo bed. There are just a couple of tips to help you pick out the one that is right for your pickup, so read on!

Fit the feet

At its simplest, a cargo bar has a foot on each end that is designed to hold the apparatus in place across a vast range of beds. Because of this, fitting the bar for your particular cargo bed-the key here is to pick out an adjustable, ratcheting cargo bar so you have no trouble installing and re-installing as necessary. Make sure that the cargo bar that you are gives clearance for adjustability of about a foot.

It pays to play things safe, however. If you decide to do your shopping online, you're in luck because a lot of online shops have drop down menus that let you refine your search for the specific year, make, and model of your vehicle to get you exact results-helpful to ward against costly mistakes. Some older trucks, you see, have much narrower and smaller cargo beds than the newer versions that have come out!

The extra bits help

So you've found the right fit and are sure that you should have no problems getting it installed in your cargo bed-now, is a bar simply just a bar? Isn't there too much space in the bottom where stuff can just slide out? You'll be happy to know that, in the past couple of years, there have been some improvements to the humble cargo bar that add a lot more functionality.

  • Cargo net: For a couple of extra dollars, you can get a bar with a bit of netting attached to it. This is a nice addition as it helps to actually contain the items you are storing. It is especially useful for soft cargo like sleeping bags, clothes, or tents.
  • Dividers: Some cargo bars also have sliding dividers that run perpendicular to the bar to allow another dimension of division and stability. This add-on is useful if you want to transport items that won't necessarily take up the entire width of the cargo bar.

How to Effectively Use Your Cargo Bar

The trick to getting the most out of you cargo bar is to install it properly-if your stuff isn't carefully stowed and secured, then you just wasted a lot of money! This guide will help show you how to maximize the use of your cargo bar! It's a really versatile and simple accessory to use that will greatly improve the carrying capacity of your truck's bed, as well as securely hold things in place too!

Difficulty level: Easy

Stuff you will need:

  • Your new cargo bar
  • Measuring tape
  • Clean, thick flannel rags [optional]
  • Level [optional]

Step 1: Pack the load you want to secure as you see fit against the bulkhead of your truck's bed-this is the side closer to the main passenger cabin of the truck.

Step 2: Measure the height of the shortest item in the area.

*Note* It helps with securing things to pack smaller items between bigger ones to prevent slippage over and under the cargo bar.

Step 3: Position your cargo bar against the end of the load at the height of the shortest load.

Step 4: Use the quick-release lever and lift ratchet handle of the cargo bar that you got.

Step 5: Slide out the end foot until the cargo bar extends the entire width of your truck bed-touching wall to wall.

*Optional Step* If you want, you can put some rags on between the feet and the walls to soften the impact of the feet and tension in the rod.

Step 6: Carefully ratchet the cargo bar until it is secured but do not over-tighten.

*Caution* Over-tightening the cargo bar applies pressure to the cargo bed walls that might damage it over time!

Step 7: Return the cargo bar's handle to the down position, and confirm it is locked in place by fiddling it about gently.

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