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Newark Auto Products VW 7-PC. PADDING Carpet Padding - Polypropylene, Flat Floor Mat, May Require Minor Modification, 7 Pieces
Vehicle Info Required to Guarantee Fit
Vehicle Fitment
  • 1950 - 1979 Volkswagen Beetle All Submodels All Engines
  • 1971 - 1979 Volkswagen Super Beetle All Submodels All Engines
Newark Auto Products PADDING 36X72 Carpet Padding - Polypropylene, Flat Floor Mat, Universal, 1 Piece
Universal Fit
Product Details
Notes : 36 x 72 in.; 3/16 in. Thick
Newark Auto Products 1753 Carpet Padding - Polypropylene, Flat Floor Mat, Universal, 1 Piece
Universal Fit
Product Details
Notes : 36 x 72 x 1/2 in.
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Carpet Padding Customer Reviews

Nice thick, no shead car carpet.
Jacqueline Balance
Purchased on Feb 21, 2020
Great product
Ed Schaeffer
Purchased on Nov 23, 2019
Received this carpet padding last week, the box and car part was in great condition.
Purchased on Apr 16, 2018

Carpet Padding Guides

What to Consider When Shopping for Carpet Padding

Just when you thought your regular car carpet was enough, better think about what carpet padding can do for you. While it may entail additional expenses, carpet padding can actually bring benefits that outweigh the costs in the long run. Aside from aesthetically making your carpet look richer, carpet padding helps lengthen your carpet's useful life by taking in some of the pile pressure with its cushioning effect, thus keeping your carpet new-looking much longer. Heat insulation and sound absorption are also much improved with carpet padding than with a regular carpet alone. Carpet padding may all look the same; but actually, there are much more to consider when shopping for it.

Types of Carpet Padding

Jute felt, rebond, and Polyfoam are counted as the main types of automotive carpet padding. Despite being most pricey, jute felt is usually considered excellent among all three because of its insulating properties. On the other hand, rebond or short for bonded urethane, is not as expensive and remains environmental-friendly with its material composition derived from recycled polyurethane-foam. Polyfoam stands between the two as it averages out pricing and material quality, while being distinct with its ability to fit greatly the car floor and to manage through curved surfaces without being creased.

Other underlayment options include ethylene vinyl and aluminum butyl. The former produces outstanding sound deadening effect, while the latter has heat-resistant property that diminishes thermal release to main carpet.

Pre-molded and Flat Carpets

Usually, jute felt padding comes as an attachment to the main carpet. But if you desire to add more carpet paddings, you could do so by buying them separately. Purchase of auto carpet may be made in one flat piece while others come as cut and molded already to the floor contour of your car. Pre-molded carpet can definitely ease and hasten the extent of carpet installation work for you.

Cushion Performance

Carpet padding or cushion performance is rated by its density, which looks at how much it can shield your main carpet from pressure such as foot traffic or other external objects. Density is computed by dividing weight by thickness, and is expressed in terms of pounds per cubic foot. The Carpet Cushion Council sets the density for rebond carpet padding to be at least 5 pounds per cubic foot in light traffic and 6.5 pounds per cubic foot in heavy traffic.

However, there are other various methods for density measurement. Terms that may describe rating methods for carpet cushion density include the compression force deflection (CFD), compression load deflection (CLD), indentation force deflection (IFD), and indentation load deflection (ILD). It's crucial to recognize which method is being employed when comparing cushion performance as not all utilize similar units of measurement.

Meanwhile, others may prioritize on cushion thickness based on the reason that a cushion too soft will easily bottom out when there's heavy foot traffic. When this happens, main carpet takes on the beating, thus shortening its useful life. The Carpet Cushion Council sets maximum thickness for any product at 3/8 inch.

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