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Chevrolet Astro

Chevrolet Astro Parts & Accessories

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Need replacement parts to repair or upgrade your Chevrolet Astro’s performance? Here at CarParts.com, you can get OE-quality Chevrolet Astro parts at unbeatable prices. Choose from our selection of floor mats, hitches, window visors, and more designed for various model years. Orders are handpicked by our team of industry experts to ensure each part meets our strict standards for quality. Shop and order aftermarket Chevrolet Astro parts today!

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Product Questions & Answers

Q:what would make a heated oxygen sensor go bad in just a couple of months? i have two other sensors would they be heated?2003 chevy S10 4.3 LS it is hard to find someone to talk to. Show Less
glenn s
A:BEST ANSWERHi Glenn, I'm glad to help you out. Contamination from exhaust fumes can damage the oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensors of the 2003 Chevrolet S10 with a 4.3 liter engine are heated. Click this link to order the part while it's on sale: https://www.carparts.com/oxygen-sensor/drivewire/arbp960910?can=CPAP3648 Should you need further assistance, feel free to call us at 1-866-529-0412. I hope this helps. Happy shopping. Show less
Aldrin P.
5 Questions, 1 AnswerView all Q&As >
Q:Hi there I replaced this multi purpose  switch, but the high/low beam did not work…what could be wrong? Show Less
Keith S.
A:BEST ANSWERHi Keith, I'm glad to assist you. It is possible there is a mismatch of some sort. Check the socket connectors if there are no loose terminals. You can also unplug and plug the socket connectors securely again. For us to double-check, please provide the complete information of your vehicle (year, make, model, submodel, and engine size). The 17-character VIN would also be very helpful. I hope this helps. Happy shopping. Show less
Jeonino E.
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Q:does this come with keys?
A shopper
A:BEST ANSWERHi, Yes, this ignition lock cylinder comes with the keys.
Jay G.
5 Questions, 1 AnswerView all Q&As >

Shopping for Chevrolet Astro Parts

Dependable, tough and long-lasting, the Chevrolet Astro was Chevrolet's answer to the growing need for a versatile mid-sized van. This van was used for both personal and commercial purposes, thanks to its superb towing and passenger-carrying capacity. Given its considerable size, passenger comfort is important and if the van's air conditioning fails, it may turn into a bin that smells of sweaty socks. Ensure its cool and worry-free operation with these tips.

  • Keep its windows fog-free

Many mid-sized owners don't realize this but the air conditioner also helps eliminate humidity from the cabin. Keep your Astro's windows fog-free during the winter months by turning on its air conditioner. You don't want to reduce driving visibility with fogged windows, right?

  • Prevent dust and liquid build-up

Over time, the air-con system will accumulate liquid and dust build up which can ruin it. It's also the main reason why foul smells eventually creep into the mid-sized van's cabin. This causes harmful bacteria to build up and eventually make you unhealthy. Clean your van's air-con regularly to prevent dust and liquid build up. A quick visit to the local air conditioning specialist can help you clean your clogged system

  • Turn it on for a couple of minutes

Maintain the air conditioning system by turning it for about 10 minutes every week. Turn it to its highest temperature or coolest setting and fastest fan speed. This ensures the compressor's gas pressure will always be stable. Also, the systems other components, pumps, hoses and valves will be lubricated as it runs. No matter what the outside temperature is, leave the air-con on for a couple of minutes.

  • Defrost the air-con system regularly

Car air conditioning systems are known to be breeding grounds for fungus and harmful bacteria. People suffering from airborne allergies or asthma need clean air to breathe. The best way to avoid this is to defrost the air-con regularly. Turn on the system's "defrost" most for about five to ten minutes after letting it run for a couple of minutes. Its defrost mode helps prevent excessive moisture and mildew build-up in the system. It also helps clean any moisture residue and prevents the "old sweaty sock" smell in the air-con's ducts. Defrost the system regularly to let it blow clean and allergy-free cold air.

  • Have the air conditioner system serviced every two years

Chevrolet recommends vehicle owners to have their air-con system serviced every two years. Around 10 per cent of its Freon and other gases permeate from the system annually. It should be done before the summer months to ensure you won't suffer from excessive heat. The system's gas and lubricant must be recharged or refilled to make sure the air-con compressor will be running smoothly. Also, a faulty compressor can affect your minivan's fuel efficiency. Having it serviced by a team of professionals would also prevent future problems.

Don't let a faulty air conditioning system ruin your beloved Chevrolet Astro. Preventive maintenance is important to ensure its optimum performance. Remember these tips to keep your mid-sized van cool and comfortable all-year round.

With its large cabin space and truck-based suspension system, you can count on your Chevrolet Astro to have enough room for all your passengers and cargo and offer reliable performance no matter how rough the ride is. But your Astro’s rugged quality doesn’t mean that it’s immune to wear and tear. Over time, you’re going to have to replace damaged or worn-out parts to whip your minivan back into shape. Good thing we have an extensive Chevrolet Astro parts catalog with a large selection of competitively priced aftermarket parts right here at CarParts.com.

Chevrolet Astro: Commonly Replaced Parts

One of the most common problems for Chevy Astro vans are door handles that break off and door locks that stop working. You can easily solve this issue by purchasing a high-quality Chevrolet Astro exterior door handle set that won’t break as easily. Some Chevy Astro owners have also reported problems with their power windows failing due to an overheated window motor. Also, if you’re having trouble with your minivan’s air conditioning, particularly the rear A/C, you’re not the only one.

Another problematic part for the Chevy Astro is the service brakes. The Astro’s electric antilock braking system has a tendency to fail, so it’s important to check on your van’s braking system routinely to ensure that it’s working as expected. You may also experience issues with other electrical components, such as the gauges on your dashboard and some wiring problems.

If you want your Chevy Astro to perform reliably, you need to replace any failing or damaged component as soon as possible. At CarParts.com, it’s easy to find the right parts for your Astro. Whether you’re replacing damaged parts with OE-quality ones or upgrading stock components to improve your Astro’s performance, you can find the parts you need right here.

Chevrolet Astro Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts for the Chevy Astro are excellent alternatives to OE parts. OE and aftermarket parts for the Chevy Astro offer the same level of performance and durability. This is because aftermarket replacement parts typically follow the same specs and quality-control standards as OE parts. So if you want the same performance but with a lower price tag, aftermarket parts are the way to go.

Aside from better prices, another advantage of choosing aftermarket parts is the variety of options available to you. With aftermarket parts, you can choose to stick with OE-quality replacements or step it up a notch with performance upgrades.

Why Buy Chevrolet Astro Parts Online from CarParts.com

We have a large selection of top-notch OE-quality and performance aftermarket Chevrolet Astro parts and accessories here at CarParts.com. Because we value your satisfaction, we assure you that all of our products are sourced from the most trusted names in the industry only. This means you can rest assured you’re purchasing reliable products when you choose to shop with us.

To get started on finding the right part for your Chevy Astro, simply use our handy vehicle selector. Enter the year of your Astro to see only compatible parts. You can also use our custom search filters to help make the decision process a lot easier. Shop now!