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Clutch Disc

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If you want to get smooth gear shifting, having a good clutch disk is a must. Make sure yours is well-maintained and functioning.
A worn out clutch disc is the last thing you want from your car. That only means that its transmission is dead, making your car useless. This disc is similar to the brake pads because it's also made from high-friction material. This material gives the disc a better grip whenever it has to engage the flywheel. The clutch disc's purpose is to connect your vehicle's engine to the transmission's input shaft. Because of that, it allows a temporary separation between the engine and transmission, letting you shift gears effortlessly. However, when you start to feel that it's slipping against the flywheel, your transmission begins to lose step. To fix that, you need to buy a replacement clutch disc.
If you want speed, then buy a disc that's designed for racing applications. These discs allow faster shifting for better acceleration. But if it's made from low-quality material, a racing clutch disc will inevitably wear out sooner than you think. That's why you should pick a high-quality replacement or upgrade. An excellent replacement disc should have the best kind of friction material on it. That means it should have a carbon-composite friction material, which ensures durability and heat tolerance. This will give your engine seamless shifting and reliable torque transfer.
Whether you're looking for street application or race application parts, you can easily find them online. The Web gives you access to millions of auto parts at competitive prices.

Clutch Disc Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Clutch Disc

    What is bettera vehicle that won't move forward or one that won't stop? It's a trick questionand one that clearly has no right answer. But it's exactly what you have to deal with if you do not have a working clutch disc in your transmission. The entire transmission system, you see, serves to translate the power output of the engine into motion in the wheels. Without it, the engine would somehow have to be directly connected to the drive train. So, yes, it is a very big deal when the disc in your car isn't working!

    Because they're mechanical devices and rather overworked mechanical devices as that, clutch discs are parts you'll be replacing most often within your transmission system. These discs come in a dizzying array of materials that seem to be out of a metallurgist's worst nightmare. Ideally, the disc to chose is one that is most resistant to friction and heat produced. Steel is always a good bet because it's sturdy and has a high melting point. Although copper is a common cheap alternative that you find in the market, it can actually cause more harm than good.

    The consequences of a clutch disc breaking down while you are driving range from mild to catastrophic. At best, you see, all that will happen is that your vehicle will come to a slow and then complete stoprefusing ever after to budge. At the absolute worst case, your vehicle will completely refuse to stop until you hit something or start a horrific pile-up. So if you suspect that your disc is on the verge of breaking down, don't hesitate to change it. A clutch disc is very affordable and extremely easy to install. You can stock an extra or two , and then install it yourself!

  • Learn Vital Factors of a Clutch Disc to your Vehicle

    The clutch plays a very important role in the manual transmission of a vehicle. Every nut and bolt in this component is important. The clutch disc, for example, is a very vital piece in the clutch system. This is the one found between the engine and transmission that provides smooth engagement. If you keep driving with a busted and worn-out one, you're putting your life at risk. Shifting gears would be difficult, slowing down won't be easy, and parking your car at rest would be troublesome. Basically, your vehicle is useless with a broken disc. Save yourself from the hassle and have your busted unit replaced right away.

    A clutch disc is the one responsible for connecting your engine to the transmission's input shaft, which allows a brief separation between them. This allows you to shift gears effortlessly and at ease. If you start experiencing troubles with doing so, then it's about time that you check your disc and see if it's worn out or if it really needs to be replaced. You can't keep driving with a busted one and end up jeopardizing your clutch system. Also consider the passenger's safety, especially if you're driving with your family.

    If you're thinking of getting a new clutch disc, then you have to think about your options very carefully. It's better if you find one that's designed for racing applications since these allow you to shift faster for greater acceleration. Be careful not to get your hands on a low-quality one because it will end up wearing out sooner. When thinking of getting a new clutch disc, always look for one that's durable and high quality, preferable with great friction material. It should also fit just right in your automobile. Make sure you don't settle for less, but instead, settle for the best.

  • The Automobile Basics: Clutch Disc

    Changing gears requires more than just the movement of the shifter and placing pressure on the clutch pedal. It also requires an established connection between the engine and the input shaft of the transmission. That's what the clutch disc is able to offer. Once in place, this device works on disconnecting the two parts whenever you step on your clutch pedal. Through this process, you're able to move your vehicle's shifter to the desired gear of your choice. As a result, you're able either increase or decrease the speed of your car. To help it do a good job, the clutch disc is made from thick composite materials that are similar to your vehicle's brake pads. This gives the device the toughness it needs to withstand the rigors of daily use. Aside from being built tough, the disc also comes in a direct-fit design. By having it match the specifications of your vehicle, it enables you to experience a hassle-free installation process. It also keeps you from making unnecessary changes to the component itself. So if you want to avoid running into problems when it comes to changing speed, your vehicle needs to have a working clutch disc installed. By having one in place, you'll get to experience quick and efficient gear changing every time you drive your car.

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Clutch Disc

    Clutch slippage is a serious problem. It results in a vicious cycle that can ultimately burn the clutch disc. What starts out as a little slippage will cause loads of friction. Excessive friction causes more heat, and then heat causes the disc to slip further and further. There's no stopping the damage once this happens.If you're not convinced, slow down to zero and apply the parking brake. Shift into high gear and then gun the engine. If it doesn't stall, then you definitely have a slipping clutch disc. Using the disc when it's not working properly can and will result in more drive train parts, such as the flywheel and pressure plate, getting damaged.You'll be spending a lot more on repairing or replacing these parts if you ignore the problem. Early action is the best solution to clutch problems such as this. Auto Parts Deal can help you find replacements.

    • Lightweight material perfect for racing applications

    • Comes with more torque load capacity

    • High resistance against friction and heat