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Replace a Broken Control Arm Support for Smooth Driving

Maintaining a smooth, steady ride despite the bumps on the road is the responsibility of the certain components on your vehicle. It could be the struts and other suspension parts, but your control arms are also tasked the same. This is the reason your control arms and their subcomponents can also qualify as the culprits when you experience excessive bounce or vibrations while speeding down the road. Be careful, though, because a broken control arm can lead to road accidents, even more so when your control arm support fails to do its job as well.

Difficulty: Moderate

Things you'll need:

  • Jack and jack stand
  • Lug wrench
  • Ball joint separator
  • Control arm support replacement

Step 1: Park your vehicle on a flat surface, preferably on a concrete ground. Performing the replacement or repair over dirt is allowed, but make sure that it's dry and can support the weight of the vehicle.

Step 2: Look for the part in which the control arm support in question is connected, then use a lug wrench to loosen the lug nut on the respective wheel. Don't remove the lug nut just yet.

Step 3: Place wooden blocks on each wheel to prevent the vehicle from moving or rolling backward, then bring the jack stand underneath to support the weight of your vehicle then jack it up. You may place the jack stand on a wooden block for added height and support. If done over dirt, make sure that the jack and the stand aren't sinking into the soil.

Step 4: Remove the lug nut and then take off the wheel to gain access to the control arm support and its bushings.

Step 5: Inspect the damage on the control arm support and check if a replacement is necessary. This is also the perfect time to check for any signs of rust on your control arm and support.

Step 6: Remove the cotter pin on the castle nut to remove the link between the lower ball joint and the steering knuckle and wheel hub. Disconnecting the ball joint from the knuckle, however, may require a ball joint separator.

Step 7: Take out the control arm mounting bolts one by one to remove the control arm and disconnect the nuts of the support.

Step 8: If the support is heavily worn out, then replacing it is highly advised. Using the new bushings is also necessary to ensure that the new parts will function properly. If the control arm is also damaged, then it's best to replace it too.

Step 9: Installing the new control arm and support should be done exactly the opposite way they were removed. While replacing the other sets of arms and supports aren't mandatory, checking their condition is advised.

This replacement process will require skilled DIYers, but beginners can still perform this, provided that assistance is available. Changing the control arm support may take more than an hour, depending on your level of expertise. Moreover, safety must be prioritized, so make sure that your vehicle will not move during the process.

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