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Troubleshooting Your Saab 900 Convertible Interior Cover

As the owner of a Saab 900 convertible, you know the thrill of having the top down while you drive around with the fresh air blowing against your face. But, you also know that it can be a hassle to pull up the top when you have to park the car out in public. It's especially annoying when the weather is fine and you'll only be leaving it for a short period of time. Thankfully, you can solve this little dilemma by getting a Saab 900 convertible interior cover. Also known as a tonneau cover, this is a large piece of durable fabric that can be installed with hook and loop straps. You can just slip this piece of fabric over your windshield so that your interior is protected against pollutants, UV rays, bird droppings, and other debris that you naturally encounter outside. But, you should also know that this accessory can be damaged. Here's how you can find out if your interior cover needs to be repaired or if should be replaced at once:

Water inside your Saab 900

Let's say that you discovered that a passing raincloud has left your Saab's car seats soaked even if you used an interior cover. You could be looking at two things: either your cover is not waterproof, or it actually has a leak. If you think it's the latter, you'll need to find the leak quickly because it can spread. Carefully wet and inspect small areas of the cover to determine where the leak is before sewing it up.

Hardened tonneau cover

If you have an interior cover that's not as soft and supple as it once was, then you're looking at the result of not maintaining it properly. The good news is that you can solve this problem by using a cleaning formula, restoring oil, or waterproofing silicone to return the cover to its softer state.

The tonneau cover won't attach to the Saab 900 body

If your Saab 900's tonneau cover is attached with studs, you might find it hard for you to secure it to your convertible's body. If this is the case, your problem might lie with the way you install it. You need to ensure that the wire is kept close to the body of the car as you go towards the center. Practice this method a few times and you're problem might disappear.

How to Maintain Your Saab 900 Convertible Interior Cover

There's nothing quite like the feeling of driving around with a fresh wind blowing through your Saab 900 convertible. It's quite a priceless experience, especially on a fine day. You can enhance your exhilaration even further by getting an interior or tonneau cover that you can just slip over your windshield and stretch across your car when you want to park it in public. You won't have to deal with rolling up the top and then folding it back again after a short period of time. It will protect your car seats from bird droppings, debris, UV rays, and other unpleasant aspects of having your car parked outside. All you need to do to ensure a carefree ride is to maintain your Saab 900 convertible interior cover. Here are a few tips to help you do so:

Check your tonneau cover regularly

Tiny leaks, little holes, and stuck debris can damage your Saab 900's interiors as well as the interior cover itself. Do inspect your cover every once in a while so that you can catch these before they become a bigger catastrophe. Don't forget to check the mounting hooks and loops as well so that you can continue to apply the cover within minutes.

Clean it often

Letting bird droppings and other debris sit for a long time on your convertible interior cover is not a very attractive look. What's more, the acid from the droppings can also damage the cover itself. So you'll need to wash the cover when this happens. Park your Saab 900 in a shaded area and use clean water, a mild cleaner, and elbow grease on your cover. Avoid using harsh detergents and other chemical formulations that might damage your Saab's paint. Hose the cover and the convertible down after washing and then let them air dry completely.

Make it shiny with a protectant

If your tonneau cover is made out of vinyl, you can apply a protectant to restore its shiny finish. After cleaning it, work liberal amount of the product onto the entire cover with a soft cloth. The protectant will dry almost immediately, so avoid doing a spot clean because it will show up as rings or bright spots on the cover.

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