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Car care doesn't stop with setting up your engine, regularly monitoring a tune up, and getting an overhaul. Keeping your car's pristine finish for years is another difficult task to keep at hand. You cannot of course watch your car 24/7 and keep it away from environmental factors that may harm its nicely colored coating. Its good that Covercraft Car Covers are here to help you protect your car. It helps ease the burden of outdoor storage.

Covercraft Car Covers are widely available in heavy-duty breathable, UV-blocking fabric that guarantees a 100% protection. The Covercraft Car Cover allows stale air to exhaust from beneath while still keeping away the moisture from your car finish. It also keeps away dust and light debris from chalking or scratching your car. Investing in cars is indeed a big investment and thus, it is only proper to protect it from all harm possible. A little cost for car protection, such as for a car cover, isn't much as compared to the price you'll pay for a body repair or repaint. So invest wisely to a reliable partner in protection, Covercraft Car Covers.

The Covercraft Car Cover is available worldwide with different fabric materials to custom-fit your unique protecting needs. It is easy to put in and out and is made perfectly fit to your car's make and model. So, if your looking for a reliable parter, look no more for Covercraft Car Covers are here to help you protect your vehicle from the harmful environment.

Get away with all the staining and tearing hassle with Covercraft set covers- (Covercraft Car Cover, Covercraft Truck Cover and Covercraft Seat Cover/

Tips on Buying Covercraft Car Cover, Seat Covers & Tonneau Covers

Covercraft car covers cover your vehicle. This custom-pattern California car cover manufacturer opened in 1965, pioneering the market for custom vehicle covers and providing both interior and exterior protection for your car, truck or van. Over the past four decades, Covercraft has built a library of over 55,000 patterns, and is still adding new patterns weekly. Covercraft car covers are made with your satisfaction in mind, providing custom fitted covers for just about any vehicle make and model in patterns that will suit any personal taste. With a Covercraft car cover, you not only protect your car from the elements; you make a statement: you care about your car. Covercraft car covers can be used indoors or out, but their primary function is to protect your car from the elements. UV rays, tree sap, bird droppings, snow and road salt can harm your car's finish, but the protection of a Covercraft car cover keeps your pride and joy looking as good as the day you bought it. Covercraft gives you a perfect fit from bumper to bumper.
Want to protect your car's interior? Crafted with the same high quality as their car covers, Covercraft SeatSaver seat protectors keep your leather, plush, vinyl or carpeted seats undamaged and stain-free. Slip-on, custom fitted Covercraft seat covers are available in a wide variety of patterns to suit individual tastes. Your vehicle's seating will be saved from damage by spills, stains, weathering, high traffic, and pet wear and tear. Covercraft seat covers are constructed from breathable, heavy duty poly-cotton fabric that is water repellent and machine washable, blocking everything from ice cream to motor oil that might permanently stain your seats. And unlike neoprene or vinyl, Covercraft seat covers are comfortable even on long drives.
If you own a pickup truck, consider Covercraft truck covers. Pickup beds benefit from tonneau covers in two ways: your vehicle is more aerodynamic, and your cargo and bed liner is protected from the elements. Four types of Covercraft truck covers are available to suit the needs and budget of any pickup owner. These sharp-looking covers come with either traditional snap-style or "Zip&GO/" closures in either mounting system. The most popular rail system consists of a full-perimeter aluminum frame that clamps easily to the top of the bed with no additional drilling or glue, and utilizes patented hidden fasteners to secure the cover onto the rails. For the budget-conscious, easy-to-install hook & loop covers are available. Hook & loop Covercraft truck covers come in both semi-custom designs to fit most standard beds, and custom patterns for specific applications.

Choosing the Right Covercraft Product, For the Right Job

Covercraft is one of the oldest manufacturers of custom car cover solutions in the country

With over 10,000 patterns available, there's a Covercraft cover available for your car, truck, van, or SUV

Do you love your Covercraft car cover? Invest in a Covercraft seat cover for the same protection!

Covercraft has innovative truck cover options that prevent you from having to stow a bulky full-size cover

You have a garage, so why do you need a Covercraft car cover? Unless you've got an air filtration system salvaged from an operating room, your garage is full of dust and microscopic abrasives. If your car isn't protected by a Covercraft car cover, those abrasives stick to your paint and then get dragged off by the air the next time you take your car out for a spin. Get the picture? You give your precious ride a light sanding every time you drive when you don't use a Covercraft car cover while it's parked in the garage. The problem is multiplied ten-fold if you leave your car uncovered outside. Here, a Covercraft car cover can protect against acidic bird droppings, sticky pine tar, and even hail and door dings from thoughtless neighbors. The small price you pay for a Covercraft car cover can save you thousands of dollars in paintwork after your car has been in service for a whilenot to mention the hassle. Invest now in a Covercraft car cover for your indoor or outdoor vehiclethere are different kinds depending upon your parking situation. You'll love the way your car or truck continues to shine year in and year out thanks to the protection provided by your Covercraft car cover.

What part of your car's interior gets the most wear and tear? Your seats, of course. That's why the Covercraft seat cover is such a popular accessory. Interior wear is one of the main reasons folks get socked with steep lease turn-in fees or incredibly low trade-in amounts. All the staining and tearing can be significantly reduced by installing a Covercraft seat cover, though. The Covercraft seat cover is designed to be a protective device with a modicum of style built in. The Covercraft seat cover can be slipped on and off easily, so you can install your Covercraft seat cover for your weekday commute, preventing coffee stains and all the abuse from your posterior, then removed for the weekends when you want to look sharp for dates. When your Covercraft seat cover gets dirty, you just throw it in your home washer and it comes out looking like new. More importantly, the expensive leather or cloth seat it's been protecting looks like new; that's where the real value comes in. You wash your car because it keeps it looking good, right? You wax your car to protect it from the elements. So why not install a Covercraft seat cover to ensure the long-term value of your investment?

Just because the generic term is car cover, don't think there's no such thing as a Covercraft truck cover for your truck, van, or SUV. In fact, the Covercraft truck cover is made in a variety of different configurations depending upon your particular needs. What do we mean? Well, each Covercraft truck cover is specially-fitted for your specific vehicle; you already knew that. The snug fit is one way a Covercraft truck cover gives you more protection than the competition. But since a Covercraft truck cover can get pretty unwieldy when it's designed for a large vehicle, you can select some smaller Covercraft truck cover options that get the job done in a slightly different way. For example, there's a Covercraft truck cover that only covers the cab area. It's great for keeping UV damage from taking its toll on your interior, and this unique Covercraft truck cover will keep things significantly cooler in your cab. There's also a Covercraft truck cover that protects the cab and the hood, but not the bed. Again, this Covercraft truck cover is more storable than a full Covercraft truck cover, yet still protects the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle. Premium quality is what made the Covercraft truck cover famous, but the kind of innovative thinking that resulted in these Covercraft truck cover options is what keeps the company on top, and it's built in to every Covercraft truck cover.

Covercraft: Delivering Premium Protection Through High-quality and Innovative Products

Pioneering in custom-patterned car covers, Covercraft manufactures unique, interior and exterior car covers aimed not just in pleasing the consumers' eyes, but also in providing unmatched protection to different vehicles. It has been producing a vast product line, including protection and storage products, for almost 50 years. Stunning consumers with over 80,000 cover patterns, Covercraft still manages to improve and maintain its positive reputation in the industry.

Started by Bob Lichtmann in 1965, Covercraft remains to be a family-owned business today. This company's COO, Marty Lichtmann, has shown interest in creating patterns at the age of 11. From simply mixing and matching swatch-sets at the dining table, Marty has become an apprentice in each department. His hands-on experience with the company gave him an appreciation of quality and teamwork.

Covercraft started out with car covers for racing cars, imported cars, and aftermarket parts suppliers. Over the years, car covers were joined by more protective products including seat protectors, tire covers, tailgate nets, dash covers, floor mats, window heat shields, and other specialty protection and storage products.

Well-built car bras

With the latest technology in automotive technology, Covercraft produces some of the industry's most sophisticated car bras. These aftermarket accessories provide consumers with a simpler and cost-effective way to defend their vehicles from front-end collisions that could lead to major damage to the components in the engine compartment. Covercraft's MM Series Custom 2-Piece car bras are manufactured from heavy-gauge leather grain vinyl. They come with a soft, padded protective back layer for comfort. In addition, these car bras are crafted with a micro-perforated finish that gives way to proper moisture flow, while enabling the mask to breathe at the same time. Made with protective air intake screens, coated aluminum tabs for adjustment, and reinforced air foils, Covercraft's car bras don't flap and lift, leading to enhanced protection from debris, stones, nicks, and scratches. These defensive covers also come custom-tailored for accurate fitting, enabling the driver to open the hood without removing the mask.

Weather-resistant car covers

Developed using high-quality materials that resist premature wear and tear, Covercraft's car covers are designed according to the vehicle's exact contours. These aftermarket covers are engineered to precision, so that they can provide overall protection of the car's exposed areas. With over 80,000 car cover patterns to choose from, consumers will definitely have the perfect cover that suits their vehicle's overall stance. In fact, Covercraft can even customize an individual car cover based on the customer's preferences. The firm has a wide range of car cover selections that match the specs of convertible cars, muscle cars, trucks, and other types of vehicles. Made of fine fabric, Covercraft ensures that the car covers do their job or defending the vehicle from unwanted damage while it's parked either indoors or outdoors.

Hard-wearing seat covers

Seat covers manufactured by Covercraft raise the bar when it comes to seat protection standards. These covers are well-equipped with the tough materials that help defend the car seats from frequent abuse such as kids, dirt, spills, travels, and other factors. With the effective protection of Covercraft's seat covers, the vehicle's seats can remain looking new and prevent premature replacement for a number of years. The firm offers a wide variety of car covers, including the SeatGloves, Work Truck, and SeatHeaters, which are all crafted using top-grade fabric and designed to provide plug-and-play installation.

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