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Dash Designs is a trusted brand in the automotive industry that manufactures products of unmatched quality. Dash Designs employs the latest technologies in developing innovative solutions for the repair and replacement needs of car owners. With an extensive product line that consists of premium parts and accessories, Dash Designs is recognized as an esteemed manufacturer that caters to a wide range of vehicle makes and models. For a complete selection of Dash Designs products, is your number one source. makes shopping for replacement parts and accessories easy and affordable. We offer over a million products organized in our expansive and easy-to-use online catalog all sold at discounted prices. Shop for Dash Designs products today!

Dash Designs: Necessity is the Mother of Invention

In 1983, Brad Schiff-then a fresh graduate of Arizona State University-came up with an idea to make dash covers to protect car dashboards from the sweltering temperature conditions in Arizona. His dash of innovation founded what is now known as Dash Designs, Inc. Initially, Dash Designs just manufactured one product for customers: custom-fitted dashboard covers. Dash Designs has come a long way since then-it has branched out its product line to other fabric automotive accessories such as floor mats, seat covers, and sun shades. Moreover, it now has a network of over 3,000 dealers and distributors all over the United States.

Based in Tempe, Arizona, Dash Designs manufactures top-notch products through an adroit team of sewing workers and technicians who use state-of-the-art CAD CAM© cutting equipment, barcode tracking software, and first-rate sun-resistant textiles.

Premium dashboard covers

Dash Designs offers dashboard covers that are made-to-order and custom-made for cars, vans, and trucks. These dashboard covers prevent cracking and fading in vehicle dashboards by protecting them from the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays. Dash Designs' dashboard covers also minimize glare on the windshield, which dangerously lessens driving vision. Customers can choose from Dash Designs' seven dashboard cover brands: Poly Carpet™, Plush Velour™, Brushed Suede™, Sedona Suede™, Dashtex™, Superflauge®, and Game™.

The dashboard covers undergo the latest CAD CAM© cutting technology during manufacturing, which ensures precision patterns. In addition, Dash Designs utilizes a barcode tracking software and performs two quality control inspections to ensure that all of its dashboard covers are custom-made to the exact contours of the vehicles of its consumers. The company's dashboard covers are made of solution-dyed textiles that won't shrink or fade, making them last longer. Each dashboard cover comes with Velcro tabs and can be easily installed.

Tailor-made seat covers

Dash Designs also has a lineup of seat covers that can protect new vehicle seats from damage or stains and cover worn-out or faded vehicle seats. All seat covers that the company manufactures are made of premium, hard-wearing, and colorfast fabrics. Just like Dash Designs' dashboard covers, the seat covers are produced using the latest CAD CAM© cutting technology to ensure precision cut and custom-fit. The details of the seat covers, on the other hand, are crafted manually by highly skilled workers.

The company has 12 brands of seat covers: Scottsdale™, Madera™, Superflauge®, CAMO™, Genuine Neoprene™, Plush Regal™, Hawaiian™, Duramax Tweed™, Cool Mesh™, Southwest Sierra™, NeoSupreme™, and Denim™. Dash Designs' seat covers also come with durable, foam insulation.

Innovative buggie bag

Another automotive accessory in Dash Designs' product line is the Buggie Bag™-a fabric-based, short-term dust cover invented by twins Josh Neyens and Zack Neyens back in 2009. The Buggie Bag™ is a stretchy and durable dust cover for off-road and powersports vehicles such as sport bikes, golf carts, small cruisers, and shuttle carts. In the hem of the Buggie Bag™ is a high-quality elastic band that enables it to fit a variety of vehicles. Dash Designs offers two designs of the Buggie Bag™: American Metal and Superflauge Game.

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