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Dashmat is a trusted brand in the automotive industry that manufactures products of unmatched quality. Dashmat employs the latest technologies in developing innovative solutions for the repair and replacement needs of car owners. With an extensive product line that consists of premium parts and accessories, Dashmat is recognized as an esteemed manufacturer that caters to a wide range of vehicle makes and models. For a complete selection of Dashmat products, is your number one source. makes shopping for replacement parts and accessories easy and affordable. We offer over a million products organized in our expansive and easy-to-use online catalog all sold at discounted prices. Shop for Dashmat products today!

DashMat: Leading the Automotive Industry in Providing High-Quality Dashboard Covers

DashMat indeed has an amazing history. It started in 1979 when a retired member of the US Air Force was in Arizona. Since the climate in that area was warm, he noticed that many vehicles have towels and cloths on the dashboard to protect the part from too much heat exposure. Because of this, he formulated an idea on how to make a product that will give protection to the dashboard. And that is the start of DashMat. And to help with the quality assessment of these remarkable dashboard covers, the company had a partnership with Covercraft. Since then, many customers receive this brand very well because of the different materials, style, fit, and durability that the dashboard covers of DashMat offer.

Unbeatable dashboard covers

DashMat takes pride in the different types of high-quality dashboard covers that it offers. One of these is the SuedeMat® Custom Dashboard Cover. Because of the delicate but refined material of the suede leather, this cover is perfect for improving the look of the dashboard while giving it protection. In addition, the SuedeMat® Custom Dashboard Cover has pre-cut holes and fasteners so that it can be snugly fit and easily installed on the dashboard. This product is also made to meet the Original Equipment (OE) specifications so that it can be compatible with the look of a particular vehicle's make and model.

Another well-known dashboard cover from DashMat is the Original DashMat®. It features the concept of Soft Foss Fibre® in its carpet material that allows it to stay intact for a long period of time. Moreover, its carpet material is made through needle punching, which is a durable method of keeping the fibers intertwined and resistant against shrinking or cracking. And aside from the protection against UV rays that the Original DashMat® gives to the dashboard, it also helps to prevent the nearby windshield from fogging due to moisture and other gasses from the dashboard.

The UltiMat® Custom Dashboard Cover is also an innovation of DashMat. It is designed to fit the contours of the dashboard because of its pressure molded fabric. In addition, this dashboard cover is color fast, which means that it will not be easily prone to fading due to the sun's harmful rays. Moreover, this dashboard cover can be monogrammed with logos or names to add a personal touch to it. Truly, this DashMat product goes to show that this brand provides dashboard covers that are both long-lasting and good-looking.

Another outstanding product of DashMat is the VelourMat® Custom Dashboard Cover. Its velour fabric allows it to withstand UV rays that can cause premature fading while providing a soft feel on the surface. Upon placing it, the temperature of the vehicle's interior can be lowered because it shields the direct heat of the sun from striking on the dashboard area. In addition, this product can be easily installed and removed because of its fastening hooks and loops. The VelourMat® Custom Dashboard Covers indeed proves that DashMat never ceases to give efforts in providing covers that provide style and protection for the dash at the same time.

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