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Denso Spark Plug

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Denso Platinum TT Spark Plug, Sold individually - 4509
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Notes : 5/8 in. hex size; Solid terminal type; Gasket seat style; Twin tip design; Titanium enhanced ground electrode; Machine rolled threadsSeries : Denso Platinum TTSpark Plug Code : PTF16TTElectrode Tip Material : Platinum Electrode TipQuantity Sold : Sold individuallyWarranty : 1-year Denso limited Warranty
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Denso Spark Plug Review

A faulty spark plug can cause minor to severe problems not only to your engine but also to the other parts of your vehicle. Some of these problems include engine misfire, low fuel efficiency, decreased horsepower, and sluggish acceleration. Once you notice these problems in your road surfer, you certainly have a spark plug dilemma. Of course, you would not want to compromise your vehicle’s performance just because of a single defective spark plug. When one of your spark plugs fail, you should immediately replace it with a new one. They say that spark plugs give power to your engine. Let’s find out if the Denso Premium Iridium Power spark plug is powerful enough to meet our standards.

Denso Iridium Power spark plug features

  • OE replacement
  • 100% pre-fired
  • Composed of high-quality iridium for the electrode core material and platinum for the electrode tip material
  • Uses copper glass seal to bond the center electrode and the insulator
  • Heat range 16
  • Equipped with heavy-duty insulator
  • Features a five-rib design
  • Resistor plug type
  • Gasket seat style
  • Has a 14-millimeter tread size, 19-millimeter reach, and 1.1-millimeter gap size
  • Features a tapered cut, U-groove ground electrode
  • Has a removable terminal
  • Sold individually
  • Carries a one-year limited warranty from Denso

We tried the infamous Denso Premium Iridium Power spark plug on our 2003 Toyota Corolla, and here’s what we think:

The positives

  • The revolutionary 360 degrees laser welding used in the manufacturing process guaranteed that the Denso spark plug will stay durable even in the harshest driving conditions.
  • Its patented iridium alloy material proved to be six times harder and eight times stronger than the ordinary spark plugs we’ve tried because there were no signs of wear even if the Denso spark plug was subjected to extreme temperatures.
  • Its OE feature made it very easy for us to install the spark plug. No modifications were made. The installation was done in a jiffy.
  • The five-rib design of the spark plug helped in decreasing and eventually eliminating the incidents of flashovers and voltage loss.
  • The unique combination of the Iridium core and platinum tip, which was bonded together by the copper glass seal, significantly improved our Toyota Corolla’s engine performance and accelerating power.
  • The Denso spark plug also fostered a smoother idle during full stops and throttle response.
  • The gas mileage definitely increased–probably due to a more efficient fuel combustion.

The negatives

  • This particular variant of Denso spark plug is definitely more expensive than the ordinary spark plugs offered by Denso and the other brands.
  • Although our Corolla did not have any problem with this Denso spark plug, a few vehicles complained about their Denso spark plugs popping out of their engines.

The judgment

Equipping our Toyota Corolla with Denso’s Premium Iridium Power spark plug was absolutely a great idea. The iridium alloy material of the plugs did not falter even when the temperature reached 4000° Fahrenheit. Our Corolla consistently surfed various terrains for the past month, but not a single misfire incident was recorded. Horsepower and fuel efficiency increased significantly, and we had no problems in terms of revving up the vehicle even in the morning.

The popping out incidents involving some Denso spark plugs were really isolated, and it was just probably caused by a glitch in installation. The iridium spark plug from Denso may be more expensive than the other brands’. But as far as we are concerned, the Denso spark plug is a good replacement, and it is worth every buck.

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