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Adell vs. Cowles: The Door Guard Showdown

Dents, dings, nicks, and scratches are absolute nightmares for a car owner. These unsightly scars can turn an otherwise handsome and polished vehicle to a neglected piece of metal with no resale value. Doors, in particular, are quite susceptible to scratches and scars caused by daily driving. When your door gets damaged, you'll be paying the auto detailing shop at least $250 or more for paint and body work. So do your homework and start searching for the best door guard for your ride to steer clear of staggering restoration costs. With the wide range of door guard choices in the market, you'll most likely spend hours or probably even an entire day trying to find that perfect one for your ride. We chose two leading brands, Adell and Cowles, to participate in our door guard showdown. Here's a rundown of the pros and cons for each brand:


Hands down, Adell door guards are the winner in this category. They're made of heavy-duty stainless steel that is resistant to most door guard horrors like peeling, chipping, cracking, and fading. Cowles door guards, on the other hand, are manufactured using premium-grade flexible PVC. They're still durable enough to keep those scratches at bay, but, of course, steel wins over plastic any day.



Adell door guards provide a custom and precise fit that complies with the auto manufacturer's specifications. These guards will fit your door snugly, as they're custom designed to match specific makes and models. Cowles door guards don't exactly have the custom fit charm of Adell guards, but they're highly flexible and capable of bending around your vehicle's curves and contours. Either way, you can be sure both these door guards won't sag or slip.

WINNER: Adell and Cowles


Both door guards offer easy installation with no drilling required. They come with double-sided adhesive tapes for a hassle-free peel-and-stick installation. Cowles door guards get an additional point, though, as they come with advanced 3M adhesives.

WINNER: Cowles

The verdict

It's a tie for this door guard showdown. Both door guards are easy to install and provide great fit, so you don't have to worry about drilling and slipping. Both brands also take the cake when it comes to durability. It's basically up to you if you'll go for plastic or steel. The important thing is to choose the style and type that will best suit your ride.

Choosing the Appropriate Door Guard for Your Vehicle

If there is a tough buddy for your vehicle's door, it would definitely be the door guard. Found on the outer area of the vehicle's door, the door guard serves as its protection against possible objects that may ruin the door's surface. Aside from the protection it gives, your door guard also enhances the style of the door. Hence, you must be very careful in choosing one. Here are the things that you must keep in mind so that you can purchase the right door guard:

Different types of door guards

The door guard that you must buy depends on your vehicle's make and model, and as well as your driving needs. Here are the general types of door guards:

1. Car door edging: This type of door guard has different varieties of materials, which include rubber, plastic polymer, and steel. You can also choose from its assorted colors to give your vehicle's door an enhanced look. You can modify the length of the door edging before installation. Moreover, some door edgings are made to directly slip right through your vehicle's door. However, some require fasteners or adhesive. Hence, you must be careful upon choosing an edging that will be compatible with your ride.

2. Side door moulding: This type of door guard is also offered in different styles and colors for you to choose from. As the name suggests, this moulding is positioned in the side frame of your vehicle. Aside from aesthetic purpose, it also provides the protection that your car door needs. The side door moulding is available as an OEM or an aftermarket product. Hence, this feature can also be its downside as some automotive shops can sell substandard door guards for a higher price.

Several methods of attachments to your vehicle

You must choose a door guard that can easily be installed on your vehicle. Here are the different ways on how the door guard can be attached:

1. Via friction fit: This means that the door guard can easily be fitted to the edge through simply sliding it over. Hence, it can also be removed without requiring any tool. But some types of door guards that are attached via friction fit still need adhesive in order to be installed on your vehicle.

2. Via rivets: A door guard that is attached via rivets usually come with a door moulding. Hence, you may need the help of another person upon installation. This kind of attachment can also require an adhesive for the moulding.

3. Via door magnets: A door guard that is attached via door magnets is the one usually parked in public places. However, this kind of attachment can cause tiny scratches to settle on your vehicle's door. Hence, it is better to choose one that is coated in rubber or silicone.

Other things to consider

You must be very critical in choosing between an OEM or an aftermarket door guard purchase. An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) door guard is as good as the first door guard that you have. This type is made to be directly fit on your vehicle; however, it costs more than the second type which is the aftermarket door guard. This one is usually made to exceed the quality of the original part. However, an aftermarket door guard usually does not have a warranty.

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