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If you have ever wondered how the power your engine generates is translated into the motion of your wheels, part of the answer lies in the Jaguar driveshaft. The Jaguar driveshaft is a propeller shaft that captures engine power, also referred to as torque, and sends it to the differential. A Jaguar driveshaft can also serve to send torque from the differential to the drive wheels. Different vehicle makes and models have different Jaguar driveshaft configurations. For instance, front-wheel drive vehicles often use two short Jaguar driveshafts that are commonly referred to as half shafts. In rear-wheel drive cars, trucks, and SUVs, the Jaguar driveshaft is a longer shaft that reaches from the front engine to the rear wheels to send power to the back of the vehicle. There are two main forms typically found in a Jaguar driveshaft. The torque tube Jaguar driveshaft contains a single universal joint, while the more popular Hotchkiss drive uses two or more universal joints. The joints in a Jaguar driveshaft are important, because this part must be able to articulate with the vertical motion of your vehicle as you pass over the ups and downs of the road surface. If your Jaguar driveshaft fails, your vehicle will not be able to move because there is no translation for the rotary motion of your powertrain. To put it simply, when your wheels don't turn, your car stays put. When you need a new Jaguar driveshaft, look no further than our extensive online catalogue for the driveshaft system that fits your vehicle. You can order a replacement Jaguar driveshaft via our secure online order form, or by calling our toll-free customer service number.

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