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There are more performance parts available on the market today than ever before. Modern computer controlled engines have the capacity to really open up on power and torque, thanks to the many devices that reformat your stock factory settings to access all of your engine's capabilities. If you want more horsepower and torque at your disposal, plug the Edge Evolution Performance Programmer in to your Ford Powerstroke or Triton V8.

The Evolution Performance Programmer adds up to 35 horsepower and 50 pounds of torque to your Triton. With Powerstroke engines, you can realize gains of 60 to 100 horsepower, and from 100 to 200 pounds of torque. For either engine, the Edge Evolution Performance Programmer will fine-tune your rev limiter and speed limiter, and diagnose problems when the check engine light pops on.

Three performance programs give you the option to adjust your power levels to your needs. The Evolution Performance Programmer lets you choose from tow, race, and extreme for the Powerstroke, and tow, transmission, and high performance with the Triton. The high-tech convenient backlit LCD screen displays your settings for you, including temperatures, RPMs, and zero to sixty and quarter-mile times.

Installing the Edge Evolution Performance Programmer is a ten-minute, tool-free process. The device plugs right in to your OBDII port to give you push-button power level control from inside your cab. In addition, you can remove the Evolution Performance Programmer to return to your stock settings any time. Unleash your engine's power with the new evolution in power programmers for your Ford.

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