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EGR Temperature Sensor Guides

Testing and Installing the EGR Temperature Sensor

The EGR temperature sensor is responsible for measuring exhaust temperature levels as the gas flows through the EGR system. Although this sensor is generally durable, consistent spikes in exhaust temperature levels can lead to sensor damage. If you think that your car's EGR temperature sensor is starting to malfunction, we advise testing, and if necessary, replacing this component immediately.

Testing the EGR temperature sensor

Tool needed:

  • Multimeter

Difficulty level: Easy

Step 1: To test if the EGR temperature sensor is still working, remove this sensor from the EGR passage.

Step 2: Place the EGR temperature sensor in water. Using a multimeter, measure the resistance value between two terminals while slowly increasing the water temperature

Step 3: If there's a huge difference with the standard value, immediately replace the stock EGR temperature sensor.

Reminders for step number three:

  • At 50 degrees Celsius, the resistance should be between 60 and 83 kilohms.
  • At 100 degrees Celsius, the resistance should be between 11-14 kilohms.

Installing a replacement EGR temperature sensor

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools needed:

  • Wrench
  • Thread sealant
  • Screwdriver

Step 1:Unplug the stock EGR temperature sensor and its harness.

Step 2: Loosen the temperature sensor using a wrench. Avoid damaging the EGR temperature sensor during this process.

Step 3: Remove the sensor and its harness from the EGR passage. Take note of the position of the harness.

Step 4: Install your new EGR temperature sensor by threading the harness into place.

Step 5: Apply a third sealant to the harness. Then, use your screwdriver to reattach all screws. When securing the EGR temperature sensor, make sure it is tightened to 7-9 ft. lbs.

At this point, the EGR temperature sensor should work properly. However, if the sensor still isn't working, or if the check engine light activates for no apparent reason, you have to recheck the sensor's connections. If it is properly fastened and plugged into place, then we advise that you consult with your local mechanic.

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