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Engine Bolt Kit Buying Tips

Every DIYer who's serious about doing repair jobs himself must see to it that he has the complete set of parts and replacement items needed. Imagine working on your vehicle, but then can't go on since you're missing a bolt or nut. Isn't it such a hassle especially when you're all set and you just realized that your set's incomplete right in the middle of the installation process? If you're working on your engine, make sure that you have all the pieces needed, which is why you should get yourself an engine bolt kit. If you're not sure what to expect inside the kit, then here's a guide to help you.

What should be inside an engine bolt kit?

Since you're getting a kit, you might as well have a complete set of parts. Otherwise, purchasing an incomplete one will totally defeat the purpose of your buying a kit in the first place. Here are the units that should be inside the kit:

  • Oil pan bolts and washers
  • Timing cover bolts and washers
  • Motor mount bolts and washers
  • Fuel pump bolts and washers
  • Water pump bolts and washers
  • Intake manifold bolts and washers
  • Coil bracket bolts and washers
  • Thermostat housing bolts and washers
  • Alternator bracket bolts and washers
  • Exhaust headers bolts and washers
  • Valve cover bolts and washers
  • Distributor hold-down stud
  • Nut and washer

Where should you purchase an engine bolt kit?

There are a lot of auto stores that sell this kit, but sometimes, the shops run out of stocks. Should this happen, you can always shop online and just wait for it to be shipped to your address. However, you must really be careful and not purchase from the local salvage yards. Aside from the fact that you aren't guaranteed with what you'll end up with, some of the kits may not be incomplete.

Remember, it's hard to enter the battle if you're unarmed. So before doing your DIY repair job, make sure that you have a complete set of tools. Good luck!

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