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The waste products of the vehicle must be emitted at once or else it can build up inside the car's system which can negatively affect the function of the exhaust system. The components making up the exhaust system are responsible for the emission of gases into the atmosphere. Exhaust gas is the end result of fuel combustion which, unfortunately, can have negative effects on our environment. Carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides are the commonly discharged gas in the atmosphere which passes through the exhaust manifold before being emitted through the car's exhaust pipe.

The vehicle's exhaust manifold is crafted from heavy duty cast iron which serves as the tube where the exhaust has to go through to reach the pipe. Exhaust manifolds must have sturdy construction and engineering to have strong resistance against the hot temperature of the gas it should handle. Together with the exhaust manifold is the piston which produces the energy needed to push the exhaust out from the system. Other car makes make use of headers in place of exhaust manifolds. Headers are intended for tougher performance which can also improve the efficiency of the car's engine.

For Volvo vehicles, exhaust manifolds are especially made to match the over-all system which requires world class materials to ensure durability and efficiency. Like other makes, Volvo exhaust manifolds are also subjected to daily wear and tear although it may take a longer period of time before it finally bug down. Damaged exhaust manifolds can dynamically affect the performance of the exhaust system that is why it is advisable to find new replacements.

On-line stores are now available as sources of aftermarket and OEM exhaust manifold replacements. Simply browse the net and choose from the long array of stores lined-up in the net. Placement of order can be done by filling up the on-line forms or calling the hotline connected with the store.

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