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Exact fit look great works great.
Margene Nobles
Purchased on Feb 08, 2021
Replacement Bumper Guard - Front, Passenger Side, Textured Black
Dec 02, 2020
Fit just like it was suppose to
Steven York
Purchased on Nov 18, 2020
Nice a d bright.
Roxane Knapp
Purchased on Jun 25, 2019

Ferrari Guides

The 'Prancing Horse' is one of the most prominent and prestigious symbols in the automotive industry. When this symbol of a striking black stallion set against a yellow shield is branded on a sleek, new sports car, you automatically know that the vehicle is a high-performance ride that costs more than just a pretty paycheck or two. It's as good as any VIP ticket to the hippest events and hotspots around town. Each car spells 'exclusivity' and 'luxury' better than any other sports car on the streets. And all its various Ferrari Parts are engineered to make the vehicle extra-powerful and super-fast.How fast? How about a whopping 218 miles per hour (mph)? Impossible? With the 660 horsepower (hp) V-12 engine found in the Ferrari Enzo, it's all too possible. And it's not just speed that sets a Ferrari sports car apart from its competition either. Ferrari improves each vehicle model by using premium-quality Ferrari Parts made using the latest innovations in the automotive technology. Every single auto system is modified every year to improve the car's performance'and this includes enhancements in the car's safety components, accessories, braking system, and suspension. Each car's sleek fa?ade is also improved to reflect the changes made in the vehicle's performance every year. This is why each Ferrari model looks just as incredible as it drives.To keep a Ferrari performing like new, it requires regular vehicle maintenance and some modifications and enhancements to the car's various auto systems. For these jobs, it's always best to use OEM parts over just any aftermarket component.

Closer Look at Ferrari Automobiles

Almost anything becomes classier when you learn it's from Italy. Italian leather, Italian suits, even Italian food: these all receive a touch of sophisticated thanks to the county they originate from. And if there was a motor vehicle that embodied Italy's indelible style, then it would definitely be Ferrari. This amazing auto brand came out in 1947 and has since provided motorists with some of the most powerful and eye-catching cars to ever hit the street. The GT4, Enzo FXX, Italia, and 250 Testa Rossa are just some of the popular names to be released by this reputable brand. Ferrari vehicles have also become big hits on the racing circuit and have cameos in mainstream movies and music videos. To put it simply, this brand has become synonymous with speed and class en route to its spot at the top of the automotive food chain.

Ferrari vehicles are made with some of the most reliable parts and the latest technology, but it isn't immune to wear and tear. Like most vehicles, this automobile's components need steady maintenance and even the occasional replacement. Engine, suspension, and exhaust system parts will eventually need to be repaired or replaced after some time in order to guarantee smooth vehicle operation. On the other hand, sometimes the inner mechanics of your ride are fine, and it's the exterior that needs repair. This may come in the form of a busted tail light or a dented bumper. In any case, you're sure to find replacement Ferrari parts to be extremely handy.

Replacement auto parts for this make don't necessarily cost a fortune. In fact, you can get aftermarket or OEM parts for this car brand at very reasonable selling prices. These components are sure to fit your ride perfectly and get it back to fighting form. So if you want to breathe new life into your Ferrari, then buy it the spare parts it needs ASAP.

Discover More About Ferrari

Whenever you hear the word "Ferrari", the famous prancing horse symbol would immediately come to mind. The models from this car company have a good reputation when it comes to manufacturing sports vehicle that give quality performance and easy handling. The automobile itself is outstanding because it has its own identity that stands out from the other cars in the industry. You surely get excellent horsepower and a great experience when driving one.

This Italian sports car is not only famous in Europe, but all around the world. It has even captured the American market and was often used in racing, like the North American Racing Team. Its long hood basically gives the impression that this car would definitely swoop into the future as fast as it could. Like most sports vehicle, the Ferrari can accommodate up to two passengers. This is ideal not only for racing, but also for the businessman who wants to give the impression that he's a serious corporate person that's not to be messed with, just like his ride.

Currently, the Ferrari models come with excellent engine. The California convertible has a V8 engine, whereas the 458 Italia sports car comes with a mid engine V8. The F12 Berlinetta is even greater because it comes with a V12 engine, while the FF with a 4WD V12 shooting-brake. Indeed, with these engines, these models can really speed up the road easily and with no trouble. However, you must always maintain proper upkeep with the Ferrari parts. If there are worn-out pieces, make sure that you replace them immediately with new ones. But, make sure that the replacement components give the same or even better performance to your ride. Take good care of this Italian sports car and you'll surely be speeding up the road in the many more years to come.

Powerful Engines and Aerodynamics: Ferrari's Formula to Success

With the sleek looks, powerful engine, and incredible handling of its vehicles, Ferrari definitely reigns as the number one sports car manufacturer in the world today. All thanks to the imagination and sheer genius of the brand's founding father, Enzo Ferrari, the brand has survived the ever changing trends in the automobile world. Even after Enzo's death in 1988, the brand has continued to evolve its line of vehicles by adapting the latest technologies in its automobiles. Today, taking a look at Ferrari's current line will make any car enthusiast feel like a child in a candy store. All their vehicles remain stylish, classy, and attractive while they remain powerful and easy to handle as well.

Powerful V8 engines

Aside from having sleek and stylish looks, Ferraris are also known for their powerful engines. When Enzo Ferrari was still alive, his favorite engines were V12s. Today, new Ferraris are equipped with a 90 degree V8 engine that has a displacement of 4499 cc. As anyone can tell, this new design is extremely powerful, and it's even expected to reach a maximum of 9,000 rpm. The new engine also boasts a torque of 540 Nm at 6,000 rpm, which is very generous to say the least. This powerful innovation was adapted from Ferrari's Formula One racing technology. Even though this engine is extremely powerful, it surprisingly does not consume that much fuel as it was made to meet the international emission restrictions. This engine is also designed to minimize the friction between the various engine components. This was done by incorporating thinner compression rings and applying graphite coating to the pistons.


The designs of Ferrari cars contribute a lot to their aerodynamics, which makes them glide on the roads with utmost ease. By incorporating sleek looks and aerodynamic principles, Ferrari boasts of speedy vehicles that are unlike any other in the world. The engineers and designers of Ferrari cars are guided by the principle of producing vehicles geared towards performance-oriented efficiency. Basically, air becomes a friend of the Ferrari car as it runs because the car is designed to go with and not fight it.

Having all these wonderful features on the newest car models, Ferrari will continue to dominate the supercar and sports car market for many years to come.

Ferrari: The Epitome of Power and Style

A symbol of wealth and prestige, Ferrari defines how it is to ride in style. Today, the brand is also one of the most respected names in Formula One racing where it has experienced a lot of success. Since the company was founded in 1928 by Enzo Ferrari, it's always been manufacturing race cars and sponsoring drivers. However, it was not until 1947 that the brand released its first ever street-ready vehicle called the 125 S. This car was powered by a 1.5 Liter V12 engine, and it is said that Enzo Ferrari was initially reluctant to sell it, but he was forced to do so because he needed funds for his race cars. The car made its debut at the Piacenza racing circuit where it stood victorious. Fast forward to 1988, the Ferrari F40 supercar was launched just months before Enzo's death.

Scuderia Ferrari

The name Ferrari has almost become synonymous to Formula One because of the company's great successes in this racing circuit. The racing team division of Ferrari is known as the Scuderia Ferrari, and it was initially founded to race with Alfa Romeo vehicles. However, this did not push through as Enzo Ferrari started to make his own line of automobiles. This team is considered as the oldest surviving team in Grand Pix racing, which is a true testament to the Ferrari brand's strength and greatness.

Statistically, Ferrari has won the most championships in Formula One racing with 15 drivers' championships and 16 constructors' championships. This just proves that Ferrari is definitely one of the best when it comes to manufacturing race cars.


Only a few car brands in the world have produced their own supercars and Ferrari stands out as the most well-known brand in this division. A supercar is defined as an automobile that is very fast, yet it is accompanied by handling that can match its speed. The first Ferrari model considered as a supercar is the 1962 250 GTO. This car was produced for two years and only a few models were created, making it extremely rare.

The most recent supercars produced by Ferrari are the Enzo and FXX models. The Enzo is named after the company's founding father, and it features technologies like active aerodynamics and traction control. On the other hand, the FXX is a high-performance race car prototype that's based on the Enzo. As you can see, even if the founder of the brand is long gone today, Ferrari continues to wow the world with amazing creations that remain stylish and powerful as ever.

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