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BMW 325i Flywheel

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BMW 325i Flywheel Guides

Troubleshooting Tips with the BMW 325i Flywheel

Located at the crankshaft, the purpose of the flywheel is to balance the engine's vibration. On a manual transmission, it doubles as a balancing device for the clutch system and the engine. Meanwhile on an automatic transmission, it is attached to the torque converter. When the flywheel is loose, it can pose problems, which will affect the performance of the BMW 325i. Here are some tips to help you troubleshoot at home.

The vehicle refuses to start

You should note that your BMW 325i will not start if the flywheel is loose. Start the engine and check if you can hear any clacking noises. The ignition engages the starter motor, which enables the flywheel to crank the engine. However, if the BMW 325i flywheel is loose, the gears would only be able to grab parts of the flywheel because they are not aligned. Hence, the car would not be able to start. If this happens, make sure that you check the flywheel if it's loose or if there are any missing gear teeth that must be replaced or repaired.

Too much engine vibration

The engine normally vibrates from the combustion and presses down the crankshaft. The vibration is balanced by the flywheel. If this is loose, the engine could cause excessive vibration and can jeopardize the BMW 325i. It can even lead to damaging the transmission mounts, motor mounts, and other engine parts. You will later realize that steering would be difficult. If this is the case, it's an indication that the BMW 325i flywheel must be replaced with a new one. You would want to avoid driving with a loose one if you don't want further damage.

Clutch problems

Step on the clutch and check if it slips. If this happens, it's also an indication the BMW 325i flywheel is loose. You also start hearing grinding noises whenever you shift gears. This happens whenever the clutch is not holding the transmission in a neutral position. If you don't replace the flywheel, it can cause the transmission to affect the internal gears and could cause the car to lose more gears. Make sure to check the flywheel if there are bolts that need to be tightened. Otherwise, it's best to have it replaced instead.

Tips and Tricks to Keep the BMW 325i Flywheel in Good Condition

The flywheel is the device that rotates to store rotational energy especially in the vehicle. Basically, it balances off the vibration of the engine. A busted one can jeopardize the performance of the car and can cause hassles when driving. So, you have to make sure that you keep the flywheel in top shape at all times so that you won't have to go through troubles that it can cause you. You can follow some of these maintenance tips to keep the BMW 325i flywheel working for a longer time.

  • Keep it from turning when working on it or other parts.

    There would always be an instance wherein you're going to need to change the clutch of the automobile; a turning flywheel can make the job difficult and complicated. You may also damage the flywheel in the process. So if you want to keep the flywheel in place whenever you need a clutch change, make sure you hit the bolts with an impact gun to make them come off.

  • Regularly inspect for any cracks.

    Make time to inspect if there are any cracks on the crankshaft or if the flywheel has damaged fins. As soon as you spot any, don't hesitate to have them replaced with a new one. Minor burrs on the flywheel can be removed with a file. Also, you have to see to it that there would be no wobbling when you place the flywheel on the crankshaft.

  • Make sure that the components of the flywheel are intact.

    If there are missing pieces on the flywheel, it can affect the performance of the car. Make sure that nothing is missing by doing check-ups or inspections. If a piece is missing, it can cause high-speed failure or can cause the vehicle to be out of balance. If this happens, make sure to replace the flywheel or repair it by using a jaw-type puller. But remember to be careful; you wouldn't want to damage anything else.

  • Make sure to switch off the engine when working on the flywheel.

    Always bear in mind that the best way to keep the flywheel from turning and getting damaged further is by switching the engine off when the car is idle.

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