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Ford Aerostar

Ford Aerostar Parts & Accessories

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Why let your Ford Aerostar gather dust in your garage due to faulty or worn-out parts when you can get top-notch replacements here at CarParts.com? We have a wide array of headlights, window motors, lift supports, and more designed for various model years, so you don’t have to worry about fit. Order anytime, and get the Ford Aerostar parts you need in just a matter of days, thanks to our fast shipping. Check out our Ford Aerostar aftermarket parts below and shop now!

Top Rated Products

Relay was as described. Worked perfectly on my 1996 Jeep XJ.
Patrick M.
The ignition cylinder was slightly different than the old one. It did fit and works gSee More
Eric O.
This was a perfect fit easy quick installation, and it was delivered early the very nSee More
Sarah K.

Product Questions & Answers

Q:Will this work on a 1996 f350 with a 7.3 power stroke?
John Y.
A:BEST ANSWERHi John, I'm glad to assist you. As per checking, this is not compatible. The correct part number is REPF315202, for your given vehicle application. Please click the link below to order this part today. I hope this helps. Happy shopping. https://www.carparts.com/details/Ford/F-350/Replacement/MAP_Sensor/1996/XLT/8_Cyl_7-dot-3L/REPF315202.html?can=CPJE1043 Show less
Jeonino E.
3 Questions, 1 AnswerView all Q&As >
Q:I have a 1999 f250 light duty 5.4l tritain. Transmission  switch sensor is broke , will this fit ? An will that allow my truck to go into park, neutral an drive ext Show Less
A:BEST ANSWERHi Teresa, thank you for reaching out. This item fits the 1999 Ford F-250 with a 5.4-liter engine and a 4-speed transmission models with a 14-bolt transmission pan. The neutral safety switch is a safety device that allows an engine to start only when the automatic transmission is in the park or neutral. Please verify with your mechanic if this is the sensor that your vehicle needs. Should you need further assistance, feel free to call our parts team at 1-866-529-0412. Have a nice day. Show less
Aldrin P.
4 Questions, 1 AnswerView all Q&As >
Q:It states as being for the front . will they work on double side door and back doors as well ?? 1996 e-250 Show Less
Paul B.
A:BEST ANSWERHi Paul, This is basically not specifying front only(even our supplier's data sheet details), but it is common for the driver and passenger side door lock cylinder with keys. You can actually try to fit it if the hole diameter is the same and the rod mechanism hooks up fine to this door lock cylinders. Please click the links below to see more information from our supplier's catalog. https://ecatalog.smpcorp.com/STD/#/vehicles/parts/num/DL-143B?type=s https://eaccess.smpcorp.com/eCatalogs/Downloads/EMD/ST10739.pdf Show less
Jeonino E.
5 Questions, 1 AnswerView all Q&As >

Shopping for Ford Aerostar Parts

Minivans have grown its popularity for many years. Until now, minivans are one of the sought-after automobiles because they are very versatile. Their versatility combines the attributes of a station wagon and an SUV. It is probably the minivans that led to the demise of the station wagon. And Chrysler Corporation has dominated the minivan category in the 80s leaving behind other car manufacturing companies like Ford. So by mid 1980s, Ford have decided to have a minivan of their own so they started designing minivans that can fully compete with the minivans of Chrysler. The Ford Aerostar was Ford's first attempt at building a minivan. The minivan was produced and sold by Ford from 1986 to 1997.

The Ford Aerostar was really designed to compete with Chrysler's minivans but Ford see to it that it wouldn't match the design of Chrysler's design. That is why unlike the pioneering Chrysler minivans, the Ford Aerostar was a rear wheel drive vehicle that made this vehicle more powerful and more capable of hauling and towing heavy loads. This compromised interior space though. Another thing sets the Ford Aerostar apart from any other minivans is its Ford Aerostar parts. It uses a modified pickup truck chassis integral to its unibody construction. And Ford Aerostar also uses truck parts, which only means that Ford Aerostar also offers the same strength, durability and reliability the Ford trucks offered.

When it was introduced in mid-1985 as a 1986 model, the Ford Aerostar came equipped with a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine that produced 88 horsepower. But in the following years, it was enhanced; in 1990 it was changed to a 4.0-liter V6 coupled with a heavy-duty 4-speed automatic transmission. These Ford Aerostar parts provide the Aerostar the power to generate the kind of performance expected from them. That was just among the Ford Aerostar parts that contribute to this vehicle's overall package. Other Ford Aerostar parts like the flush-mounted headlamps, the dashboard which incorporates a driver's side airbags and a column-mounted gearshift are also excellent. Actually, these Ford Aerostar parts are the ultimate reasons why this vehicle is believed to perform at its best.

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