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Fuel Line Disconnect Tool

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Dorman 904-484 Fuel Line Disconnect Tool - Direct Fit, Sold individually
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Notes : 0.19 in./5mm universal connector size; Disconnect connector type; Fuel line capable; Plastic materialWarranty : Lifetime Dorman limited warrantyAnticipated Ship Out Time : Same day - 1 business dayQuantity Sold : Sold individuallyProp 65 Warning : <p><b><img src="" alt="Warning Symbol" width="28" height="22" />WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Butadiene, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to <a href=""></a>.</b></p>
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Fuel Line Disconnect Tool Guides

The Proper Way of Using a Fuel Line Disconnect Tool

Most vehicle manufacturers provide a more secured and strong fuel line connections. As a result, advanced fuel line connection tools are specially made to separate these tight-fitting fuel lines at their connection points. The fuel line disconnect tool is primarily designed to help disconnect the couplings that secures the fuel lines. It looks like a small clothes pin with an opening on one end. The fuel line disconnect kits usually have different types and sizes to meet most of the fuel line diameters. Knowing the basic of their operation will make it easier for you to use them. Fuel lines are generally hard to disconnect, but with the use of the fuel line disconnect tool, you can do it fast and safely.

Difficulty level:Moderate

Things you'll need:

  • Rubber gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Cloth or clean rags
  • Spray cleaner (automotive degreaser)

Step 1: Be sure to work in a safe location to avoid hassle. Prepare all the tools and materials needed. Wear safety glasses and rubber gloves for protection.

Step 2: You need to start your engine, and allow it to idle.

Step 3: While your engine is at idle, carefully remove the fuel pump fuse from the fuse box to stop the fuel pump from operating. You may refer to your manual if you find it difficult to locate this fuse.

Step 4: Just wait for the engine to stall from lack of fuel to release the pressure from the fuel lines. Failure to do so might result in some serious and fatal explosive reactions.

Step 5: Make sure to let your engine cool down first, before proceeding to work on the fuel lines.

Step 6: Using the spray cleaner, clean the fuel line connection that you wish to disconnect. You have to remove all the grease and dirt completely. This will prevent the dirt and grease to contaminate the fuel line after it is disconnected.

Step 7: Gently clean the connection using a cloth or clean rag and a grease cutter. Make sure to keep it dry.

Step 8: Remember to choose the appropriate fuel line disconnect tool for the size of the fuel line you are going to work on.

Step 9: Carefully insert the tool into the female portion of the fuel line connector with the open side facing downwards.

Step 10: Gently squeeze the middle of the tool, in order for you to open the jaws of the tool slightly.

Step 11: Carefully push the tool downward over the top of the fuel line connection.

Step 12: You need to gently twist the fuel line connection apart as you pull the both of the two ends away from each other. Once they are disconnected, be cautious and careful not to spill any fuel from either end, because it can cause a flash fire.

Step 13: You may now proceed with your other fuel line repairs and/or maintenance.

Using this tool won't give you any clearance problem under your hood, because it is easy to use even in tight and narrow spaces. Remember to observe caution during this entire process. And most importantly, make certain that the fuel injection system has been depressurized prior to the disconnection of the lines. Failure to do so can put you in extreme danger.

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