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Bestop 11213-00 Glass Cleaner
Part Number: D3411213-00
Universal Fit
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Glass Cleaner Guides

Tips in Buying Glass Cleaner

Cleaning the windows and mirrors in your car should not be taken lightly. More than making your car look sparkly clean, it also plays an important role for your safety. It may seem such a small thing, but a clear, spotless glass goes a long way towards improving your visibility on the road.

But you don't just use any cleaning material available in your home. Household glass greatly differs from automotive glass, wherein the latter is more exposed to dirt and grime. So you can't count on household glass cleaners to take care of the delicate surface of automotive glass. Here are some tips on which glass cleaners you must get hold of to achieve that shiny, streak-less look on your car.

DO: Get the right kind of towel.

Your car is exposed to so many rough particles, which stay on the car's surface. So when you use towels that lose absorption easily like the terry-cloth towels, the tendency is for them to spread the dirt and moisture on the glass instead of wiping the glass clean. And this wrong choice of towel further leads to streaking of the glass.

Another common mistake in glass cleaning is using paper towels, old T-shirts, or hankies. Now, paper towels are absorbent. However, they leave a lot of lint on the glass. Old T-shirts and hankies, on the other hand, are basically not cleaning materials. So they shouldn't be used on your automotive glass in the first place.

Now, the best towel that you could wipe your car with is the waffle-weave microfiber towel. Regular microfiber towels are likely to push the liquid around the glass, so it never really gets absorbed in the towel; while waffle weaves are capable of absorbing residual moisture, making sure that your glass really gets cleaned. Another great choice is the surgical cloth. This towel is made of 100 percent cotton, but it's free from lint. Its soft texture is also ideal for glass tinted with film, which scratches easily.

DON'T: Purchase ammonia-based cleaners.

Ammonia is a good grease cutter, but it's not recommended for tinted windows. It can break down the tint and is chemically known for drying out plastic, rubber, and leather. Reading the label of the glass-cleaning products will help you in determining if they have ammonia or not.

There is actually a wide variety of glass cleaners for you to choose from, each specializing on a certain glass-cleaning problem. Some glass cleaners are made specifically to clean areas that are hard to reach, and others are for removing water spots and cloudiness on car windows. There are also glass-cleaning products that eliminate contaminants and etching. So it's up to you which of these glass-cleaning problems you wish to attend to.

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