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Half Door: A Helpful Shopping Guide for You

The most prominent type of vehicle that makes use of half doors or half-doors (like certain houses do) is the jeep. If you're searching for a new jeep half door, then you have a lot of products to choose from. These doors help prevent road particles, mud, and dirt from getting inside your vehicle's passenger area (since some jeeps tend to have open doorways that you can easily hitch a ride on). With that said, here are the things you need to look out for when buying a half-door.

Considerations When Shopping for a Half Door

  1. Half-Door with Welded Door Pivots and Paddle Handles: A good half door upgrade investment or replacement should be easy to install and have durable welded door pivots for good measure. These doors should also have special paddle handles so that it can be moved easily as well. The idea here is to get a door you can put on your jeep post-haste and allows easy opening and closing of either the top or bottom door at will.
  1. Color-Matched Fabrics for Your Half-Door: In terms of the marriage of form and function, your half door should have loads of tough yet dependable fabric variations to choose from. A good possible selection of fabrics and colors include spice denim, powder-coated black, diamond black, black denim, and black finish. As far as customization is concerned, you should search for the most popular variants for your make and model of jeep in order to get the best deal possible.
  1. Nylon Mesh Tube Half Doors: You can also avail of stylish tube doors in order to provide you with superior dirt, splash, and extra wind protection. Tube door jeeps are exciting to ride thanks to how well they shield you from the elements as you move. As for the nylon mesh, it's a cover that provides an additional layer of protection to you and everyone else riding your jeep that's simple to attach via Velcro straps to your half-doors.
  1. Lower Half Soft Doors: While you can always buy half doors as a whole set of doors from top to bottom, you also have the option of getting either a lower half soft door replacement or a standalone door without the upper half "window" that you can open and peek at. The door is a no-drill installation made of fabric that's soft to the touch but isn't soft in terms of protecting you and your passengers from the elements.
  1. 4 x 4 Element Door Enclosure: This is the half door variant you should avail of if you wish to give your jeep a more stylish yet rugged look. The door enclosure kit is basically a set of medium-grade steel panels you can attach to your jeep that comes complete with pre-drilled holes reserved for bolt-through factory mirror attachments, tubular framing that's covered with black powder-coat finish, and medium-gauge steel panels.

The Bottom Line

Just as you can add roofs to your non-covered jeep, so too can you add these special doors that can open from up top to the bottom like a two-door refrigerator. There's the 4 x 4 element door enclosure kit, black nylon mesh tube door covers, and lower half soft doors available for your perusal and potential purchase. Just go pick the half-door choice that's easy to install, has fabric that matches your jeep color and pattern, and has windows that are flexible and clear.

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