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A Guide to Picking the Right Hand Cleaner

An automotive hand cleaner is a degreaser chemical, pumice soap, or liquid that removes grease, gunk, and dirt from your hands after a hard day's work from under the hood of your car or even below it. Mechanics typically have a bottle (or soap bar) or two of these hand cleaner brands for the sake of getting the oil and black marks from their hands. After all, ordinary soap and water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer usually isn't strong enough to take grease stains out of your hands.

What to Look for in a Hand Cleaner Specifically

  1. Purchase Some Pumice Lava Soap: Ordinary soap can't take off car grease, but pumice lava soap can. Pumice in particular is an ingredient used to remove grime and dirt that's been around since 1893. This bar of soap is tough on dirt and easy on your hands. It could also remove caulk, adhesives, paint, and grease or anything that can get unto your hands. This soap type has been around for generations; since two turns of the century, in fact!
  1. Buy a Gallon or Bottle of Hand Cleaning Degreaser: Liquid degreasers and hand cleaners are also available to do the job of hand soap at a more cost-effective price. This option is cost-effective for most hard-working mechanics and DIY car owners because you can use a small amount of liquid to do a lot of grease removal. When combined with water, the results can be astounding! You'll get clean hands and the grease stops sticking unto your hand stubbornly.
  1. Get a Biodegradable Product that's Safe for the Environment: If you're an environmentally conscious kind of individual, then it's about time you invested in waterless, biodegradable, and solvent-free hand cleaner that contains no ammonia, mineral oils, or any other harsh chemicals that could cause abrasions and cuts on your skin. These environment-friendly options are essentially pumice lotions that leave a citrusy smell on your hands.
  1. Acquire Hand Sanitizer Foam: There are also industrial-grade hand sanitizer gel foam products available that combine the grease-removing powers of pumice scrubbers with the dirt-removing powers of foamy cleaners in order to remove the heaviest and thickest of dirt stains and grease on your hands. The scrubbers remove the grease then the foam can be easily rinsed off.
  1. Look for Waterless Hand Cleaners: Last but not least is the waterless hand cleaner. As its name suggests, it allows you to wash your hands off of dirt, debris, and grease without the need of water at all. The formula itself acts as the liquid remover of the dirt that you can wipe off or rinse off in a jiffy. It comes with natural orange peel extras and it's d-Limonene-based in order to make your hands extra clean and fresh. It's kind of like a hand sanitizer, but this time it works on grease stains on your hand.

Pick Only the Best Hand Cleaners Available

A hand cleaner that's dependable should be able to remove tile cement, glue, pain, printer ink, resin, soils, grime, grease and dirt with just a couple of pumps or with several hand-wringing motions over the faucet. They come in all sorts of forms, from soaps to liquid gallon bottle gels and so forth. The ingredient known as pumice is a key ingredient in nearly all of the top degreasers and hand cleaners available on the Internet and auto shops nationwide.

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