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How Can You Find a Good Hardtop Cover for Your Rig?

You can drive with the roof on or without it—that's what makes cruising with a convertible so cool. On a good day, you can drive in open air and enjoy the cool breeze. Nothing should stop you from having this adventure or experience. So if you got a hardtop, be sure you have a tough cover, so you wouldn't have second thoughts about removing it for the summer and worry about it getting dull and rusty while stored in your garage. Having a good hardtop cover is crucial since the removable top can easily be exposed to dirt and moisture and can get corroded as these elements find their way through the top's seams and gaps. To keep the hardtop safe in storage, here's how you can find a good cover:

Fits perfectly

The hardtop cover should be specifically made for your vehicle's make and model. Custom-made covers conveniently wraps around the top with no trouble. They hug every curve and match the contour perfectly. A cover that fits like a glove can provide utmost protection. It shouldn't be too tight nor too loose. If the cover is loose, then it won't be able to shield the top from the elements such as dirt, dust, debris, and moisture. Also, you may have a hard time trying to smooth out the creases or trying to flat out the covers. If it's too tight, then this may leave behind some scratches.

Easy to use

The cover should be easy to use. You shouldn't have a hard time putting it on the hard top. At the same time, this should be secured instantly. Some covers use fasteners and hooks or a hook and loop system that makes it easy to remove and put on the cover in just a snap. The outer and inner parts of the cover should be easy to attach. The cover should also be easy to use with most hoists for removing hardtops. Some even feature neoprene elastic that's sewn into the hems to keep the cover in place. Aside from proper fit, you should also look for a cover that wouldn't give you a hard time with the setup or storage.

Protects well

The fabric used in the cover should at least be soft and breathable, so it wouldn't scratch or damage the top while in storage. The breathable fabric will ensure proper air circulation. If the fabric has properties to repel moisture, then this helps prevent corrosion and stains that may ruin the hardtop. This type of fabric won't shrink or stretch easily even when removing and putting it on countless times. Some cotton-based fabric allow heat and moisture to escape easily. Some of the best covers also use fabric that's water- and mildew-resistant. Some also come with linings that are safe for the paint or finish.

Can last long

To be able to protect the hardtop fully, the cover shouldn't easily break or tear into pieces. This should be made to withstand weather elements, such as heat and moisture, while in storage. Some even come in a double-stitched overlapped seam design to reinforce strength and ensure durability. The best ones are built with a strong outer layer but soft inner liner. Well-known brands of hardtop covers may offer product warranties with a coverage of 2 to 4 years.

To get the best cover for your hardtop, compare the different types of cover available, considering their special features and other specs.

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