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Getting a New Headlight Assembly: Some Tips and Suggestions

It’s tough to drive at night and during bad weather, and things can only get harder when the headlight assembly goes out. You won’t be able to see clearly through the road, and it’ll be difficult for other motorists to spot your vehicle in the dark. Nothing good comes out of driving with busted headlights. If you’re out to get new headlights, here are some things to consider:

Are you looking for a composite type or a sealed beam?

There are two types of assembly that you can choose from. One is a sealed beam, composed of a filament, lens, and reflector in one unit. The other is the composite type, which has separate elements and components. If you want to be able to work with or just deal with one unit, then the sealed beam would be a great option. But if you want to be able to change the lens, filament, and reflector separately, then consider getting composite headlights.

Do you need a simple headlight replacement or an upgrade?

You can easily look for an exact same unit as the broken or faulty headlight assembly. Just look for a kit that’s vehicle-specific, a match to your vehicle’s year, make, and model. If you want something better than the factory-installed headlights, you can search for an upgrade. Some aftermarket headlights are designed to emit better lighting and provide improved visibility; others are designed with better aesthetics or with some cosmetic upgrades. For instance, you may upgrade to an HID (high-intensity discharge) assembly for improved performance.

Would you like to switch to projector lights or upgrade to adaptive front lighting?

The vehicle’s headlight assembly can be upgraded to adaptive front lighting system or projector lights. In an adaptive front lighting system, the lighting can be adjusted according to the car’s speed and certain conditions. This is controlled through a computer, which can direct the bulb’s angles and positions so that the light will be cast where it’s needed. Meanwhile, a projector headlight is known for its single, strong beam. With this beam, light isn’t scattered that much. This assembly also comes with a more stylish look.

What type of bulbs would you like to use in the headlight assembly?

Headlights use different types of bulb. Halogen bulbs are commonly used in headlights of older vehicles. These bulbs, which use filaments, emit bright lights. Although they’re inexpensive, they have a shorter life. Xenon bulbs, which give off blue-white lights, are used in HID kits. These are quite expensive, though they come with many benefits such as longer life, enhanced energy efficiency, and better illumination. LED bulbs are also energy-efficient. They’re known for their bright lighting and ability to adapt to various conditions. These are commonly used in aftermarket headlight assemblies. Meanwhile, CCFL uses fluorescent lighting that comes in tube-shaped bulbs. The beam of these lights is concentrated and extended.

How to Replace a Headlight Assembly in 7 Easy Steps

Once you find visible cracks, deep scratches, or rough spots on your vehicle’s headlight assembly, there’s nothing left for you to do but to replace it. Whenever you drive at night, in poorly lit roads, and in rain or snow, you’d want to make sure that the headlights can provide you with the needed visibility and illumination. Otherwise, driver vision will be impaired, and this may lead to vehicular accidents that could have been prevented. Replace a busted headlight right away. We’ll show you how to do it. This can be done in 7 easy steps and will take you just about 10 minutes.

Difficulty level: Easy

What you’ll need:

  • Screwdriver

Step 1: Consult a vehicle manual to find out which component needs to be removed to get access to the headlight assembly. Depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle, the front grill may need to be removed. To remove the grille, you have to undo the screws or any fastener used to secure it.

Step 2: Undo the screws, clips, or retainer springs that hold the headlight in place. You may have to use a flat-blade or Phillips screwdriver to remove any of these fasteners that are typically located at the top and bottom of the headlight.

Step 3: Disconnect the wiring from the assembly. After the wiring is removed, you can now detach the headlight from the vehicle to replace it with a new one.

Step 4: Fit in the new headlight assembly. Fix the new headlight into place and make sure that the screws, clips, or retainer springs used are sealed.

Step 5: Reconnect the wiring that was unplugged from the assembly.

Step 6: Put back the grille and other components that you removed. Seal them back into place.

Step 7: Test the new assembly. Switch on the headlights to see if they’re working. If not, then make some adjustments and check the manual.

Safety tips

  • For your safety, make sure that the engine is turned off when replacing the headlight assembly of the vehicle.
  • It’s best if you wear gloves, especially when holding halogen bulbs, as oil and dirt from your hands may stain and cause damage on the bulbs.
  • If you’ll be working with the bulbs, disengage the electrical connectors at their back.

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