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Headlight Protector Kit Guides

How to Install Headlight Protector Kit

No matter how much you strive to protect your vehicle, it is inevitable that its components will succumb to wear and tear due to external factors. One of these is your headlights. Since they are in the front of your vehicle, they are always at risk of getting scratched and becoming faded. To avoid this from happening, you may consider investing on a headlight protector kit. This kit is complete with the tools to keep your headlights from getting damaged. All you need to do is to have the proper know-how to install it properly.

Difficulty level: Moderate

What you'll need:

  • Household drill
  • Isopropyl alcohol and water
  • Heat gun or blower
  • Headlight protector kit

Step 1: Clean your headlights thoroughly using mild soap and water. You may also use a headlight polishing kit to restore the clarity of your lens before applying the headlight protector kit.

Step 2: Apply the plastic lens cleaner with a dual action or rotary polisher on your headlights. The kit contains a drill adapter so you can use your trusty household drill if you have one.

Step 3: After the cleaner, apply the plastic lens glaze. This polish further refines the surface of your headlights to restore maximum clarity. Polish the headlights for a few minutes until clarity is restored.

Step 4: Depending on your vehicle type, your headlight protector kit might contain a one-piece or two-piece design. If you have a two-piece design, it would be a little bit more complex than having a one-piece only. Let the film protector sit under the sun for a few hours. This will make it more flexible.

Step 5: Start out by test fitting. This is to check if everything fits perfectly. Take your time in doing this to ensure proper fitting.

Step 6: Spray the headlight down with a mixture of isopropyl alcohol diluted in three parts water. The headlight protection kit needs to be applied to headlight lenses that are squeaky clean and free from dirt. Spray the film protector with the alcohol solution to keep it from sticking to your hands.

Step 7: Peel the paper backing partially. Spray it with the alcohol solution, and make sure to line up one corner first, then work your way out. Don't put the entire film on. This is to keep it from getting dirty and damaged even before you can install it.

Step 8: Use a heat gun or a high-powered blow dryer to remove any excess alcohol solution, and to ensure no bubbles or air pockets are formed. As you do so, remove the paper backing slowly as your work your way to the whole film.

Step 9: Do the same procedure to the other headlight. Be careful not to damage the film.

Step 10: You might notice that your headlights will look hazy. Don't worry because this is perfectly normal. It will become clearer in a couple of days.

And just like that, your headlights are now as good as new. You can install the headlight protector kit in about an hour or so, depending on your speed. With an added layer of protection, it can withstand years of dirt, debris, and other contaminants. It will also keep it from yellowing or discoloration.

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