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Buying a New a Headliner Fastener

When you get into your car, you probably don't pay much attention to the headliner…until it starts to sag. A sagging car ceiling can be bothersome. It's unsightly and hideous to some extent. Without a headliner, you're also stripping your car interior with a good cover and some sort of shield and protection. Instead of waiting for the whole ceiling to fall apart, you have to fix the headliner at once. Good thing is, you don't have to run to an upholstery shop to get a new headliner installed. Instead of spending about a hundred dollars or so, you can just buy a new headliner fastener to seal the saggy headliner back in place. Now that would be more practical, especially if the headliner isn't even torn and is still intact. Here are some tips and reminders to help you out:

As you check the saggy headliner, figure out how many fasteners you probably need to fix it.

Your headliner may sag on just one portion or on multiple sides. Depending on the situation, you may need more than a few fasteners and clips. Don't go out there shopping for these pieces without at least an idea on how to fix the headliner. As you take a closer look at the headliner of the vehicle, you'll find spots that need to be fixed and can determine how many clips and fasteners it will take to secure the headliner.

Search for fasteners that will easily blend with the headliner, without creating unsightly spots.

You wouldn't the fasteners to stick out like a sore thumb. You want to restore the clean look of the vehicle interior. To do that, you have to choose the right set of headliner fasteners to use. They shouldn't be too complicated to use and should be able to secure the headliner without much trouble.

The last thing you need are fasteners that will easily break, so look for durable pieces.

Don't settle for less. Aim for the best. Search for headliner fasteners that aren't only easy to use but are also made to be firm and stable. The best ones can hold the headliner in place for a long while. They shouldn't come loose or break easily.

Make sure that the fasteners are easy to use and won't tear the headliner.

Not all fasteners are made the same. Some are made as even better alternatives to adhesive, while others can be a little tricky to use and may leave holes as you screw them into the headliner. Some are built as clear-headed twist pins. Before you buy anything, check out the design first. Also see how they're used. You wouldn't want the fasteners to break the fabric and foam as they pierce through them.

Inspect every part of the vehicle's headliner to see if all you need are fasteners or if you have to replace the headliner altogether.

You wouldn't want to have a new headliner installed because this will cost more. However, if the headliner is already damaged or torn, the fasteners may not be the best solution anymore. These may not be enough to hold them in place or restore the nice look of the interior.

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