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Hyundai Excel

Hyundai Excel Parts & Accessories

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great pump fantastic price i am on the road again THANK YOU !!!!
James G.
Outside of the delayed delivery the part worked as advertised
Samuel H.
Worked like a charm. Replaced the fuel pump and the truck started right up. It idled See More
Jose P.

Shopping for Hyundai Excel Parts

The Hyundai Excel is one of the company's creations that marked several developments in the technology, filling several firsts in Hyundai history. It was the very first front-wheel drive vehicle of Hyundai Motor Co. and also the first Hyundai to enter the American market.

Packed with exclusive Hyundai Excel parts, the vehicle moved in. The year was then 1985, when it was officially presented as the replacement of Hyundai Pony. After only a year in the market, the company decided to expand its horizon, subsequently exporting the units to United States. It was a four-door sedan and 4-door hatchback that powered through a sequential fuel injection and 4-speed automatic transmission system. Soon after, a two-door hatchback was made available, and then in 1989 a coupe version named Hyundai Scoupe joined the lineup.

The same as other Hyundai models, Excel got several names in the different lands. In European market, the car was named Hyundai Pony with which the name of its predecessor was retained. The sedan version that was marketed in South Korea was called Hyundai Presto. Mitsubishi also sold a version similar to Hyundai's Excel, known as the Mitsubishi Precis. The latter Hyundai Excel version came in two trims, the 3-door and 5-door hatchback. One vehicle of several names competing with Chevrolet Cavalier, Ford Escort, Mazda 323, Honda Civic, Opel Kadett, Toyota Corolla, and Mitsubishi Colt.

Hyundai Excel was a low cost vehicle intended not for speed and luxury. Though short of impressive attributes, Excel has given performance that fitted its price value. And in order to restore its qualities as efficient as possible, be sure to get nothing but quality aftermarket Hyundai Excel parts. Premium quality OEM and factory Hyundai Excel parts would definitely fill the spots that original ones have left, and some could actually upgrade the vehicle. There are also custom Hyundai Excel parts which would keep it fresher than others. So, even if your Excel is the earliest model, with the right choice of aftermarket and replacement Hyundai Excel parts you'll never run out options for keeping it in good condition.

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