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Igniter Kit Guides

Your Shopping Guide When It Comes to Buying an Igniter Kit

Your vehicle's ignition system won't work properly without the ignition coil. It's the component that ignites the fuel through conversion of the battery's voltage to even higher voltages for the sake of creating sparks. The distributor is then connected to the spark plugs (which, in turn, connect to the engine) care of the coil. Before buying an igniter kit, you should first familiarize yourself with the various types of igniters. Otherwise, you can just pay your dealership to handle the details of coil replacement.

Tips on Buying an Igniter or Ignition Coil

Knowledge is power when it comes to buying an ignition kit. To wit, here's what you need to know:

  1. Know the Types of Ignition System: You have the conventional system where it forms a magnetic field through a current that travels right through the primary coil. The electronic system, meanwhile, signals the control module to create sparks. It also makes use of a primary coil that creates a magnetic field. Finally, the distributorless system makes use of three or more mounted coils that are placed that way to fire up the spark plug and ignite the fuel.
  2. Know the Types of Ignition: There are three types of ignition. Can-Type and Distributor Ignition Coils contain oils as coolant and allows voltage to flow to the spark plugs of primarily vintage cars. The Ignition Blocks and Coil-On Plugs have several coils connected to one another through cables. They're designed with either dual-spark or single-spark features. As for the Ignition Coil Pack Systems, it's made up of rails mounted on spark plugs, which connect multiple pencil coils.
  3. Join a Car Forum: Before buying an igniter, it's best that you join car forums in order to get the perspective of fellow car owners like you. Just go with the forum with the name of the manufacturer of your car, click the threads covering your car model, and look for topics concerning ignition shopping guides. They have detailed help for most everything relating to your car and its parts.
  4. Search Online or Buy It from Your Dealer: You have two options when procuring an ignition coil or igniter. You either get it OEM from your dealership (paying for both the part and its installation) or you can buy it online to get an affordable aftermarket igniter for your car. You can find it through Google and ecommerce sites as well as auto parts sellers. You can also go to auto shops and purchase non-OEM parts there to save money as well.
  5. Match the Right Part with Your Vehicle: Don't forget to match the part with your vehicle so that you're assured of a compatible igniter when everything is said and done. There are even custom parts available that can improve the performance of your car by more than 10 percent compared to parts you can get off-the-shelf. However, that comes with its own share of risks and scams, so take everything with a grain of salt.

In Summary

Every type of igniter kit has its own function and design. Owners should know which coil fits their car the best to avoid buying incompatible parts. Always be aware of the year, make, and model of the vehicle in need of an igniter replacement. Remember to check your driver's side door jam or user's manual to get the exact make, model, and year of your vehicle. This will keep you from buying an igniter kit that's incompatible to your car.

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