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Making Cars Look Good with Flashy Interior Lights

Gone are the days when every light source in the market came in breakable tubes. Today's lights come in many colors, shapes and sizes. This is good news for many wishing to improve the interior lights of their vehicle. So let your imagination run wild, there is only so many lights you can pack into your car and so many ways to do it.

Types of lights available

  • Glass bulb - Ah yes, the classic light bulb. Plenty of lights in the market still come in bulbs and they're pretty cheap as a result. Color choices are limited and they eventually burn out.
  • Glass tubes - An offshoot of the light bulb. These fragile glass tubes usually house neon and fluorescent light. Their shape can limit how you install these in your car. Like the light bulb, they are relatively cheap and perfect for someone on a budget.
  • Strips - These strips house LED lights and are flexible and very bright. The can be installed in almost every corner of your vehicle. If you've got cash to burn, then go for these lights.

Pimping your interior: Neon VS LED

Back in the day, neon lights were king when it came to dazzling light displays in your car. LED's were still in its infancy and too expensive for the average Joe. Fortunately, LED technology has now caught up with the venerable neon light and can now be purchased at almost the same price. To get to the point, you can't go wrong with LEDs. Here are some of facts to convince you why:

  • LED lights are brighter and have a wider range of color options.
  • LED lights bulbs don't get hot and as a result, don't burn out as fast as neon lights.
  • LED lights are greener, using only about 24 volts of power.
  • No tubes mean there is less reason for LEDs to break. They'll definitely last a lot longer than neon lights.

Know your local laws

Adding those dazzling new multicolor lights will surely catch the attention of everyone around you. If you're in the wrong state though, the first people who might notice are the police. Each state has its own set of laws or ordinances regarding car lights, mostly due to the safety hazards that some of them can pose. Some states will only allow the use of neon or L.E.D. lights when you're off the road, some states will allow it as long as it is not flashing while other states may have them completely banned. The use of red and blue lights are illegal in most states since cars using these lights could be mistaken for police vehicles.

Be sure to contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles or DMZ to know the laws or ordinances in effect in your state.

Replacing the Interior Lights of Your Car

If you've ever tried to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night, then you know how hard it is to do something while it's dark. The same goes for your car. If your lights burn out or malfunction, you might have some trouble looking for that wallet you left lying around during night. Be sure to replace the light bulb of your car as soon as the lights go out. Replacing them isn't really hard at all.

Difficulty level: Moderate

Tools that you'll need:

  • Interior light bulbs
  • Screwdriver

Replacing the dome lights

Step 1:Open the cover of your car's dome lights. The dome cover may be secured by clips or screws so just use the appropriate tool.

Step 2:Remove the bulb from the socket.

Step 3:Put the new bulb in the light socket.

Step 4:Turn on the light to test if it's working.

Step 5:Reattach the dome light cover.

Replacing the door lights

Step 1:Open the cover of your car's door light. Like the dome cover, it may be secured either by screws or clips so make sure to use the right tool.

Step 2:Remove the bulb from the socket.

Step 3:Put in the new light bulb into the socket.

Step 4:Turn the light on to test whether or not the bulb is working.

Step 5:Do the same for the rest of the car door lights.

Take note

Be sure that you purchase the correct replacement bulbs so that they fit into your car's light bulb socket. Bring one of your car's light bulbs to the nearest auto supply store so you can choose the correct one.

Be aware of local ordinances regarding the interior lights of the car. It would be an immense waste to install new neon lights on your car only to be pulled over by the cops the next day be informed that your lights are illegal.

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