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Picking the Right LED Dome Light Bulbs

The night has blanketed the sky and you just finished up at the office. You're kind of hurrying towards your car now since it's already very late. As you opened your car and got inside, you suddenly dropped the keys on the car floor. And since it's already very dark, you're having trouble finding it. Naturally, you switch on the dome light. However, nothing happens-it's still very dark. You then try again and again, with each attempt having the same result. It seems you have a busted dome light bulb.

To avoid going through the same hassle again, immediately replace the broken bulb. Doing that is very easy. The same can be said for finding a replacement since you'll find plenty of dome light bulbs in the market. However, we advise you to not simply get the exact same bulb as your old one. Instead, use this opportunity to upgrade your stock bulb into an LED bulb. Why? Read on.

The Advantages of LED Dome Light Bulbs

While your old dome light bulb may have served you well before it became busted, it's better to get an LED replacement this time. It's because LED bulbs have plenty of advantages over standard bulbs. These advantages are enumerated below.

  1. LED bulbs can last for over 50,000 hours, which is much longer than standard bulbs. That also means that you won't have to replace it again.
  2. LED bulbs are very durable. This is another reason why you won't have to change the dome light bulb again in the future.
  3. LED bulbs use less power than standard bulbs. And as you know, being able to save energy is always good.
  4. LED bulbs don't get hot. That makes them much safer than standard bulbs.
  5. LED bulbs are eco-friendly. They don't contain harmful pollutants.


LED bulbs are also available in various colors. You'll have the opportunity to personalize your car's interior.


As you probably expect, an LED dome light bulb is more expensive than a standard bulb. But considering all of its advantages, the extra cash that you'll have to fork out for an LED bulb will be worth it.

How to Replace a Dome Light Bulb

Tired of being in the dark while you're inside your car? Stop being a hardhead and replace your busted dome light bulb now. Replacing the bulb is so much easier than trying to find small items (such as dropped car keys) or reading maps in the dark. It would only take you a few minutes anyway. We'll guide you step by step on how to properly replace the dome light bulb.

Difficulty level: Easy

  • Screwdriver/Putty knife
  • Small piece of cloth

Step 1: Since you obviously won't be able to use your dome light for the meantime, find a spot where you can work that's lighted sufficiently.

Step 2: Confirm if it's indeed the dome light that's busted. There's a possibility that it's not the light that's faulty, but rather the fuse that's connected to it. If your dome light uses several bulbs and all of them aren't working, then it's definitely the fuse that's broken. You can find plenty of resources on the internet on how to fix the dome light fuse. Don't worry too much if it's the fuse that you have to replace since that isn't hard to do as well.

Step 3: Before you remove anything, make sure that the dome light is turned off. Do that by checking the switch and closing your car's doors.

Step 4: Inspect how the dome light lens is attached to your car. If it's secured with screws, grab your screwdriver and start unscrewing it. Not all lenses are screwed in to your car though. Some are merely clipped or slotted in. Use either a small screwdriver or a putty knife to pry away the lens if that's the case.

Step 5: Once the lens is off, you'll finally have access to the busted dome light bulb, which should be grayish in color. If your dome light has several bulbs and you're not sure which one of those is broken, turn on your dome light. That should give away which one needs to be replaced. Carefully take out the busted bulb afterwards.

Step 6: With the lens and the bulb out of the way, clean the dome light assembly. It's a good idea to do this so you can maximize the illumination of your dome light. Grab a slightly damp cloth and wipe both the main assembly and the dome light lens.

Step 7: Install the new dome light bulb. Put back everything that you took out afterwards.

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