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Have you been planning to upgrade your vehicle's header but don't seem to find the one which satisfies your needs? JBA has the perfect header upgrade that can certainly capture your taste and glorify your vehicle.

JBA Headers are scientifically engineered to deliver the best performance gains for your vehicle's emission equipment. Any car, truck or SUV equipped with a JBA Header will be blessed with better engine breathing ability and overall engine emission efficiency ultimately resulting to an impressive increase in horsepower and torque within RPM range. Considerable improvement in throttle response, reduced underhood temperature and fuel economy can also be observed.

JBA Headers are specifically manufactured to endure the toughest abuse and are designed to last longer than your usual exhaust header. The 14 gauge steel tubing strengthens your engine, ensures engine durability and reduces engine noise, The one piece flange design is added to prevent distortion and leaking. The double plating ensures durability. And to be on the safe side, JBA Headers have their own patented Firecone merge collector, plus C.A.R.B. certification to be legal in all 50 states so there's no need to worry about your local emissions police.

JBA's Headers will prove to be more powerful if supplemented with JBA's Exhaust Systems. You could really power up your vehicle if you pair your JBA Headers with JBA's Performance Exhaust System. So try off with these and you will really know the difference. Trust only JBA and your vehicle will be MORE than just any vehicle.

Tips on Buying JBA Headers & Exhaust

While emission control is essential for minimizing air pollution, it has a drawback: It handicaps your vehicle's performance. JBA Headers to the rescue/ Your vehicle's performance does not have to be sacrificed to control emissions. Drivers are challenged to get the best of both worlds; high performance and low emissions. JBA Headers meet the challenge. They are designed to avoid compromising its emissions equipment while delivering driver pleasing performance to your vehicle. Engines need to "breathe" air efficiently, and JBA Headers deliver the oxygen needed. JBA Headers have their own patented Firecone merge collector, plus C.A.R.B. certification to be legal in all 50 states, and a choice of primary tubes, forged either from 14 gauge mild steel or from 409 stainless steel mandrel-bent. Naturally results vary a bit between different vehicles, but can include any of increased horsepower and torque, better throttle response and fuel economy, and reduced temperature under the hood. JBA Headers are easy to install; just bolt them on.
The new Evol by JBA Exhaust systems helps your performance vehicle get the power and the sound out. Tuned and built to precision for every application, each JBA Exhaust system optimizes your performance and your fit perfectly. The exhaust systems are offered in both high quality aluminized steel and bright 304 stainless steel. An efficient high flow design and fully welded cases are features that give the mufflers long lasting performance. Each JBA Exhaust system is tuned to work in harmony with JBA Headers, and deliver even higher performance gains. Your horsepower and torque are increased throughout the RPM range. You will experience better fuel economy and improved throttle response. As your JBA Exhaust system helps your car run better, it also helps your car to sound good with its powerful exhaust tone, and look great as it enhances your vehicle appearance.
To the performance enthusiast, JBA Performance products are staples that offer power, quality and durability. When it comes to power building exhaust products, JBA Performance sets the industry standards, with their cutting edge designs, their patented technology, and their commitment to quality. Drivers of many cars - Mustangs, F-150's, Dakotas and Tundras among them - are just a few of the customers satisfied with JBA Performance. JBA Performance exhaust products are made of high quality steel, in either 409 stainless steel or 14-gauge, so you get a product that performs over the long haul.

Choosing the Right JBA Product, For the Right Job

Though they started with Mustang performance, JBA exhaust products are now available for a wide variety of import and domestic vehicles

Easy installation is a hallmark of JBA exhaust products, most of which install in factory locations

JBA headers are specifically designed to fit precisely in your engine bay, eliminating the struggle common with most header installations

Performance products offering both value and horsepower can seem like a dying breed, but not when you choose JBA performance products

Okay, the folks who designed the JBA header know that the catalytic converter has to stay put in order to meet emissions requirements. But they also knew that a simple cat-back system wasn't going to give them the power increases they were after on their exhaust products: Enter the cat-forward JBA header. This JBA header gives you all the performance advantages of a straight through exhaust system while retaining the emissions compatibility of your stock exhaust. That means you can see huge horsepower and torque gains, and even improved fuel economy, thanks to the breathability your JBA header provides, but you'll still get your inspection sticker every year. And we do mean every year, since each JBA header is made from heavy-duty materials with thick, laser cut flanges and mandrel bends on the primary tubes. For the ultimate in durability, choose a stainless steel JBA header with its limited lifetime warranty. Every JBA header is designed for easy installation and includes all hardware, and you're going to love the way your engine compartment looks with a JBA header under the hood. So order your JBA header todaymost popular applications are covered, so check our listings for yours.

We aren't sure why so many aftermarket exhausts are so difficult to install. Apparently, neither were the engineers at JBA exhaust, which is why they designed their JBA exhaust systems to bolt on in the factory locations for a super easy installation. It seems like a no-brainer, but only a JBA exhaust can give you the combination of easy installation and great horsepower and torque gains that so many performance enthusiasts crave. Once they had the installation bugs worked out, the JBA exhaust folks then decided to build the systems from premium stainless and aluminized steel for long lifeafter all, no matter how easy a JBA exhaust is to install, it wouldn't be any fun if you had to do it again after just a few years. That steel is all mandrel bent on each JBA exhaust system for exceptional flow characteristics, and the pipes dump into high-flow mufflers that are proprietary JBA exhaust products. Since JBA exhaust designs both the pipes and mufflers in-house, they retain complete control over the flow characteristics. Finally, the JBA exhaust system is finished off with a polished chrome-over-stainless exhaust tip for great durability and good looks. It's a package that's tough to beat at any price, and nearly impossible to beat at our JBA exhaust prices, so if you're in the market for a premium JBA exhaust check our application listings and order today.

When JBA performance products began to appear for the 5.0 liter Mustang back in the 1980s, the company knew they were on to something. JBA performance shorty headers took the market by storm, offering easy installation, great quality, and huge performance increases in an economical and attractive package. Most importantly, these JBA performance components were 50 state emissions legal, which was pretty uncommon back then. With the Mustang experience under their belts, JBA performance engineers began to tackle other popular applications, creating exhaust products for many popular domestic and import vehicles with the same basic philosophy. By tackling the emissions hurdle while building in power increases, JBA performance components offer worry-free installations to their customers along with the big grins that come with extra power and torque. Now there are even JBA performance spark plug wires to round out your hop-up strategy. The end result of all this effort is an unbeatable lineup of JBA performance parts that won't interfere with your vehicle's emissions control systems while they help your engine breathe better. So bolt on some JBA performance parts and stomp on the go pedal: You'll see what all the fuss is about.

JBA: A Trusted Provider in the Aftermarket Exhaust Industry

Breaking in to the automotive performance scene in 1987, JBA Headers initially designed the direct replacement shorty headers for 5.0L Mustang. These headers were developed with heavy-duty designs, easy installation features and legal-level emissions that made these instant hits among automotive enthusiasts in the US. Since then, the company has broadened its product lines to include headers and exhaust units for other automotive brands.

Committed to design and manufacture top-quality performance products, JBA creates exhaust parts that are original and provide the same power, durability and legal emissions. Well-know products include JBA Performance Exhaust Systems, Cat4ward® Headers, JBA PowerCables™ ignition wires.

Durable shorty headers

Before having an efficient and tough exhaust system, JBA shorty headers are first added to increase the power and performance of the engine. Designed to withstand rough use in racing, towing or daily driving, the headers are made of high-grade stainless steel and patented technology, JBA Firecone® collector. These shorty headers feature mandrel-bent primary tubes, factory-style emission connections, very thick collector domes and CNC laser-cut flanges with oversized exhaust ports. The JBA shorty headers are easy to install and will ensure no leaks or warping, as well as improve flow and throttle response. The company also offers a range of smog-legal headers, such as Cat4ward®, and other long tubes to cater to many applications. JBA long tubes provide high RPM efficiency. Design-proven by dyno and racing, these tubes feature large mandrel-bent primary tubes made of stainless steel construction, oversized exhaust ports, extra thick one piece flanges and patented JBA Firecone®* merged collectors for great flow. To avoid lowered cars dragging the collectors on speed bumps, the system is engineered to provide the best possible amount of ground clearance.

Powerful exhaust system

Great exhaust performance, power, quality and sound are some of the things most people look for in their car, truck or SUV. JBA provides stylish exhaust systems that deliver the best performance of these three. Each system is finely tuned to give optimized exhaust sound without being overpowering from inside the vehicle. JBA exhaust system offers easy bolt-on installation, free flowing large diameter mandrel-bent tubing connected to high-quality performance high flow mufflers for evident power gains and stimulating sound. The system also includes factory-style hangers and polished chrome stainless steel tips that resist discoloration or corrosion. The exhaust system provides powerful exhaust sound, maximum flow with durability, enhanced vehicle appearance and improved power and throttle response. JBA designs each system to last the service life of the vehicle. As each system is manufactured to match perfectly with the factory installed exhaust, the company's exhaust system will follow the vehicle's exit design. If the vehicle is designed with a single exit, JBA will also provide a single exit.

Reliable ignition wires

JBA PowerCables™ ignition wires release spark energy and increase performance. These feature 100% silicone jackets, low resistance design, custom-fit lengths with cylinder ID labels. The heavy duty ignition wires are engineered with wire-wound mag conductors and exceptional boot ends for superior clearance and durability for heavy duty applications. PowerCables™ ignition wires improve under hood appearance, resist heat and abrasion, shield against electro magnetic interference and easy to install.

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