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Kia Soul

Kia Soul Parts & Accessories

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Stay on top of your Kia Soul’s repair and maintenance by shopping for replacement parts here at CarParts.com. We’re your go-to for OE-quality aftermarket parts that are built to last. Choose from our wide selection of Kia Soul headlights, mirrors, and bumper covers designed for different model years. Why pay dealership prices when you can get the same quality at a lower price? Check out our catalog below and enjoy the best deals on Kia Soul aftermarket parts today!

Top Rated Products

This exhaust manifold was a true save, kids car had a crack and the dealer wanted $18See More
David D.
Brakes brake good
Zachary D.

Product Questions & Answers

Q:Do these adjust both vertically and horizontally? 2011 Kia Soul
A:BEST ANSWERHi Howard, I'm happy to assist you. This item has vertical adjustments only. Click this link to order the part while it's on sale: https://www.carparts.com/headlight/replacement/repk100117?can=CPAP3648 I hope this helps. Enjoy shopping at Carparts.com! Show less
Aldrin P.
1 Question, 1 AnswerView all Q&As >
Q:Hello, is the base of this unit black  I cannot tell what color it is? Show Less
Tasha C.
A:BEST ANSWERHi Tasha, thank you for reaching out. Yes, it is black. You can click the link below to order the mirror while it is still on sale. Have a good one! https://www.carparts.com/mirror/kool-vue/ka55er?can=cpab2020_csqa_20230607 Show less
Andrew B.
2 Questions, 1 AnswerView all Q&As >

Shopping for Kia Soul Parts

There are many things to love about your Kia Soul. It’s a unique subcompact SUV with exceptional maneuverability, spacious interiors, and great fuel economy. However, despite its distinctive look and reliable performance, your Kia’s parts can wear out over time. You’ll need to replace these damaged components so you can get back on the road. Fortunately, here at CarParts.com, we have an excellent selection of high-quality Kia Soul parts and accessories at competitive prices so you can restore your SUV as soon as possible.

Kia Soul: Commonly Replaced Parts

Daily drivers will often acquire a lot of scratches and dents due to everyday parking lot mishaps. That’s why it’s no surprise that quite a few Kia Soul owners look for replacement bumper parts. Meanwhile, other owners have reported more severe body parts issues like faulty hood latch mechanisms and chipping paint.

Some owners have also reported cruise control issues, as well as faulty batteries, catalytic converters, and steering columns. It’s definitely a huge hassle to deal with issues like these in your daily driver, but delaying repairs can lead to more expensive and complicated problems down the line.

Good thing you don’t have to put up with the trouble and potential risks of driving a damaged Kia Soul. You can easily replace the faulty parts of your SUV so you can make it drive and look like new again. Here at CarParts.com, you can browse our extensive Kia Soul parts catalog, choose the parts you need, and place your orders with just a few clicks so you can get your SUV back in top shape.

Kia Soul Aftermarket Parts

There are a lot of benefits in choosing aftermarket parts for your Kia. In terms of quality, OE and aftermarket parts for the Kia Soul are the same. In fact, aftermarket parts are manufactured to OE specifications. They’re also made in world-class facilities and have gone through strict tests to ensure they’re sturdy and safe. Price-wise, aftermarket parts are a good choice because they’re typically available at a lower cost than their OE counterparts.

Aside from quality and price, there are other great advantages in choosing aftermarket parts. There are a lot of options on the automotive aftermarket, which gives you the freedom to choose the parts and accessories you need to start your repair and customization projects . It’s also possible to boost your Kia’s ride quality with aftermarket performance parts.

Why Buy Kia Soul Parts Online from CarParts.com

Here at CarParts.com, we have a wide Kia Soul parts catalog that includes OE-grade replacement and performance aftermarket parts made by some of the leading names in the automotive industry. Our products are also competitively priced so you can fix your SUV without worrying about breaking the bank.

Once you’re ready to shop, just enter your Kia Soul’s year into our vehicle selector tool to view compatible parts. You can also narrow down your choices and indicate your preferences using our site’s search filters. If you have any questions about your order or if you want to know more about our Kia products and offers, our friendly customer service specialists are always happy to help. What are you waiting for? Browse our selection of Kia Soul parts now and enjoy the awesome deals we have in store for you!

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