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Do you feel that your car is vulnerable to damage? Looking for the perfect protection? Why not try vinyl covers? And when it comes to leather-vinyl covers, nothing comes to LeBra.

The LeBra Company has been a well-known maker of quality covers for any type of vehicle, whether for automobiles, ATVs, motorcycles, boats, watercraft and even snowmobiles. But LeBra is better known for its custom-made front-end covers. The company offers a wide range of car vinyl protection for any type of car.

The LeBra name became famous for its quality full front-end protection that is perfect for all weather conditions. The LeBra Hood Protector is made of durable grain vinyl that is microperforated. This helps your car's finish to breathe and when its wet, it could easily dry up as you drive. The hood protector is made to protect your vehicle from common road hazards, rock chips, bugs and road tar. These individually tailored covers are made from custom design molds to easily follow the contours

Bedeck your vehicle with LeBra and experience practicality, style and functionality.

Tips on Buying Lebra Car Bra & Fender Flares

If protecting your vehicle is your top priority, look no further than a LeBra Car Bra The LeBra Car Bra accommodates pop-up headlights, fog lights, air-intakes, and all factory design features, and its custom design molds itself to the contours of your vehicle. Most LeBra Car Bras install in 15 minutes or less, and the custom installation instructions guide you through the installation process. The LeBra Car Bra has a special knit backing that absorbs less moisture and is gentle on your vehicle's finish. The LeBra Car Bra is individually tailored for hundreds of applications and is specially designed to compliment today's aerodynamically designed vehicles. It covers all painted front-end surfaces. Protect your vehicle from common road hazards, like rock chips, bugs and road tar with a LeBra Car Bra.
Keep your vehicle's fenders safe from dents and scrapes with LeBra Fender Flares. They come in two widths and are made of tough, stylish rubber for a slick look that also protects your vehicle. The molded rubber of the LeBra Fender Flares will not break or crack and are available in 2 or 3-inch widths. LeBra Fender Flares have malleable metal fender plates that are pre-drilled to make installation quick and easy. The curved design of the LeBra Fender Flares means you'll be driving in style-and they're manufactured to match the trim line on all vehicles.
The custom design of the LeBra Hood Protector molds to the contours of your vehicle and its two piece design allows your hood to open without removing the cover. . It provides full front end protection for all weather conditions, so whether you're driving in snow, sleet, rain or dusty wind, your vehicle will have all the protection it needs.The LeBra Hood Protector installs in 3-5 minutes with no tools and all the parts are pre-attached, so there's nothing for you to lose during installation. Its breathable vinyl dries itself while you drive and doesn't dull your vehicle's finish, and the LeBra Hood Protector does not need to be removed when wet. The attractive midnight black leather grain vinyl has a glove-like appearance and is designed to match the aerodynamic designs of today's vehicles.
LeBra products are designed for passenger cars, light trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles and fit a wide variety of makes and models from the 1970's to current models. If protecting your vehicle from the hazards of driving is your top priority, then LeBra has what you need.

Choosing the Right Lebra Product, For the Right Job

The first name in custom car bras is still the biggest name: Lebra car bras have been protecting front ends for over a decade now

The new Lebra car bra design incorporates micro perforations to allow water to dry even beneath the bra material

Lebra knows not everyone wants a full-size bra, which is why they developed their innovative hood protector

Even a polycarbonate bug shield can't provide the same frontal protection you get from a Lebra car bra

The bra is back: The Lebra car bra, that is. Re-engineered and re-designed, the Lebra car bra is the best front end protection you can give your vehicle. Made from leather-grain vinyl, a Lebra car bra wraps around the leading edges of your vehicle's fascia and up the front portion of the hood, creating a mask that's impenetrable by rocks, stones, bugs, and other debris. The Lebra car bra has micro-holes in the vinyl surface that allow the paint below to breathe easilyimportant for good paint health and effective drying after rain. Beneath the vinyl Lebra car bra is a super-soft layer of woven material that cushions impacts and prevents scratching and scuffing of the finish below. Since the Lebra car bra is made in two separate pieces, it's easy for you to open your hood without having to remove the Lebra car bra. In fact, after you spend about 15 minutes installing your Lebra car bra, you're all set. The Lebra car bra is custom-tailored for most popular vehicles on the road today, so find your car and get it the best protection available with a Lebra car bra.

Extra fender width isn't just a nice idea on cars equipped with wider wheels and tiresit's a necessity. Lebra fender flares offer an easy, attractive solution to the problem of covering up those wide wheels. Available for cars, trucks, vans, and SUVs, Lebra fender flares are made from durable polymer materials that can handle a hit from any rocks or stones that may fly up off your tires. You can leave the Lebra fender flares in their out-of-the-box finish or paint them body color to match your vehicle. Either way you get the width your car has needed to complement your tire selection. Lebra fender flares are easy to install, with no drilling required in most cases. That means you can have your Lebra fender flares bolted up and looking good in only an hour or two per vehicle. We say per vehicle because once you see how tough your Lebra fender flares look on one car, truck, or SUV, you'll want Lebra fender flares for all of your vehicles. It's a good think Lebra fender flares are as affordable as they are attractive. So check our application listings and find the Lebra fender flares appropriate for your vehicle, then order today.

Sort of like half a bra, the Lebra hood protector covers the most vulnerable part of your vehicle: the leading edge of your hood. Whenever a rock or bug comes at your car, it always seems to smack right into this part of your hood, causing a nice big ding. The Lebra hood protector can put an end to it, though, and look good in the process. The Lebra hood protector attaches tightly to your hood so it looks form-fitted. That's no accident either, since each Lebra hood protector is specifically sewn to fit your particular vehicle. It only takes about five minutes to install a Lebra hood protector, and you'll only need to do it once: The Lebra hood protector doesn't need to be removed in rainy or snowy weather like similar, older product. That's because a micro-perforated vinyl is used on each Lebra hood protector. In conjunction with the ultrasoft, non-absorbent backing material, the micro perforations allow your Lebra hood protector to breathe, letting water evaporate and air flow to your paint, keeping it healthy and shiny. There's probably a Lebra hood protector made for your vehicle too; take a look and see, since installing a Lebra hood protector is easier and cheaper than a new paint job, and you'll love the sporty good looks.

Lebra: Providing the Industry’s Revolutionary Car Bras

With state-of-the-art manufacturing technologies, Lebra offers its users with top-quality car bras tailored to meet the consumers' specific needs. this company boasts its distinctive car bras, protective parts includes car bras, fender flares, and hood protectors that come in various style options and made of the best materials available in the market. Lebra products are manufactured using the latest technology in the industry and can be customized with luxurious cover features specified by its customers. This is coupled with Lebra's dedication to finding new styles and pattern options to keep customers excited and engaged with the brand. But beyond its product's stylish features, Lebra also focuses on durability, creating covers that protect the exterior surfaces of the vehicle. Lebra's car bras, in particular, are well known in the industry for its superb protection against road debris. Moreover, each Lebra product undergoes strict quality assurance tests to ensure that only high-quality performance is delivered.

Stylish car bras

When it comes to car bras, Lebra is definitely an authority in the industry. Lebra's line of custom fit front end covers are among the biggest in the market, with each car bra specifically designed for a certain vehicle model. The car bra takes account of every fog light, air intake, and even pop-up headlights in its design, resulting in a seamless and aerodynamic design that will not hamper any of the vehicle's functions. Even the instruction manual that comes with the car bra is customized according to the vehicle to speed up installation and minimize errors in the process. But it is not just about compatibility either, as each cover is made of high-grade leather grain vinyl that resists scratches, bug stains, and road tar. The vinyl also has microscopic perforations that allow moisture to escape, resulting in a car bra that dries itself quickly even after heavy rainfall. In addition, the car bra is divided into a two-piece design that allows the hood to open freely without having to remove the cover.

Sporty fender flares

In addition to car bras, Lebra has also offers a line of aftermarket fender flares for light trucks and SUVs. Like its car bra counterpart, Lebra fender flares have bold and eye-catching designs that blend in well with the flare's tough plastic construction. In line with its philosophy of highly custom-made products, Lebra offers customers options to customize the look and feel of the fender flare according to their personal tastes. Whether it is the color of the fender flare or the pattern on its surface, Lebra is certainly able to accommodate for it in their fender flares. The flares are made of lightweight plastic materials that resist cracking even when bent, and features an easy-to-install design that does not require drilling and other extensive modifications on the vehicle's fender. This allows the Lebra fender flares to be installed in minutes even for beginners. In addition, each fender flare set comes included with all the essential installation hardware and is covered by a limited warranty policy from Lebra.


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