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Good Horn Packaged well & received installed and inexcellent working condition... Thanks CRH
Charles R. Howard
Purchased on Mar 12, 2020
Quick, easy, and fast!
David Joaquin
Purchased on Feb 08, 2020
Easy to install worked perfectly
nicole pelletier
Purchased on May 29, 2019

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Wine gets better with age and so do Mazda parts and Mazda accessories! Their long years of circulation in the automotive industry is a living proof of quality and performance that catch the interests and attentions of various auto users and aficionados from all generations. Mazda makes and models are made up of thousands of car parts that work as one group to achieve optimum performance and driving mechanics. Parts for Mazda, no matter how small or simple it may be, are vital component of the whole system that is why it must be checked regularly to ensure that the car is always in top condition.

Two imporant Mazda performance parts are the engine and the turbo. Mazda engines are considered as one of the top performers among other branded power trains. Engine block heater, torque converter and engine oil cooler are just a few of the important accessories for the engine. Torque converter is used to improve or increase acceleration even if the amount of power produced is only at a minimum. It can multiply the amount of torque produced at a ratio of almost 2:1. Engine block heater is important especially during extremely cold weather conditions by adding heat or increasing temperature to achieve the right temperature for the engine to function. Engine oil cooler on the other hand is used to cool the motor oil. It is a small radiator-like auto component commonly employed when towing or when having heavy duty operations.


Doing an equally important role as the engine is the turbo. The fuel is considered as the blood of the vehicle which sustains the function of each car part. The intake of air and fuel into the engine is called internal combustion. Power is produced as the mixture of air and fuel ignites. The role of the turbo is to make the mixture more combustible by allowing more amount of air into the engine. Engines are considered as the car's heart with fuel as the car's blood. Like the heart, engines need to draw in air and fuel to give life and energy. Air and fuel intake is called breathing or internal combustion.

When air-fuel mixture is ignited, power is produced. The waste created by this combustion is then expelled from the system. In this process, car turbo plays significant role. It makes the air-fuel mixture more combustible by pumping enough amount of air into the engine's chambers which, in turn, produces more power and torque. It is done by compressing the air molecules for easier entry into the engine. Compressed and pressurized air has more oxygen content to achieve greater combustion. More oxygen content means that the fuel can be burned completely for lesser dangerous emissions and greater fuel efficiency. After combustion, the hot air produced is pushed onto the turbine which causes its spinning motion.


Helpful Automotive Resources

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March 14, 2020
New Mazda3 Is Among “Safest 2020 Model-Year Cars”One of the models is the 2020 Mazda 3, which also received five-star ratings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in a frontal crash, side crash, and rollover tests, making the car eligible for the highest government safety ratings possible.
Over 36,000 Mazda CX-5 Crossovers at Risk of Recall
March 05, 2020
Over 36,000 Mazda CX-5 Crossovers at Risk of RecallAccording to the company, the problem was caused by the use of “inappropriate” materials for the sealing gasket attached to the wiring connector of the LED daytime running lights. This can cause the gasket to release sulfur that can corrode the LED circuit that controls the lights.
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February 08, 2020
Mazda’s Skyactiv-X Engine Won’t Be Coming to America—YetIn a recent interview, Mazda shared its concerns over the SkyActiv-X’s current power and how American consumers will view it once it gets released.
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February 05, 2020
Mazda Dealers Offer Discounts on Poor-Selling CX-5 DieselThe said dealer is selling two 2019 CX-5 Signature models in its lot for less than $10,000, putting the crossover at just $32,045 from the original price of $42,045. This makes it more than $5,000 cheaper than a 2019 CX-5 Signature with an all-wheel-drive sold by the same dealer.
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