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Mirror Conversion Kits: Modernizing Mirrors

Mirrors on your car are a very big component of overall safety. Unless you have eyes on the back of your head-you need them. How do you make something already safe even safer? With a window conversion kit, that's how! There are two kinds of kits out there that maximize convenience and safety. If you are confused which one you need-or want to get-then read on.

Manual to electric

Some models of cars and trucks that came out in the 90s-and lower-priced models out today-were equipped with the manual type of control for their side mirrors. Manual meant that you had to fiddle with this tiny joystick next to the mirror to get it moving into the position that you needed it to be in. The newer electric side mirror controls made things so much more convenient.

If this is your idea of a great upgrade, don't get too excited just yet! Ask, and answer for yourself, these two very important questions:

  • Is it compatible? Check if your auto manufacturer has put out a power-window option on the vehicle you drive-a lot of people simply forgo the more expensive upgrades early on. Does your ride allow for one?
  • Will it fit? The mirror itself might easily fit, there might be enough room for the wiring under the dash-is there enough space for the joystick on the arm rests?

Ordinary to special

Side mirrors are very functional as they are-but you can involve them more deeply in your overall safety plan with the addition of signal lights on their surface. This makes signals far more visible?up to three cars behind, in fact. Often, they are direct bolt-on. Meaning, questions of fit are limited only to finding a kit that is designed for your vehicle. There aren't that many variations when it comes to the angles around the side mirrors.

If you want this elegant and simple add-on to your side mirrors, there are a few features that are worth looking into that may or may not be included in the model you are considering:

  • The LED-signal lights. These come as a standard-after all, they're the whole point of the product. Some adapt unique styles that vastly differ from the standard "extra lights", and these include those with red LEDs arrayed like an arrow.
  • Concave mirrors. Other conversion kits rework the entire mirror itself, making the glass concave to give you a better view of the road beside and behind you. These aren't standard, but they're a welcome addition worth considering for just a couple of dollars extra.
  • Electric power. A lot more of this type of conversion kit come with built-in electric control conversion-this makes this an ideal choice for those who want the advantages of both types of kits combined in one package.

It's truly up to you, all in all-think carefully of the look you want to achieve and the feature set you find useful, and figure which fit any needs that you might have.

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