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Mitsubishi Mighty Max

Mitsubishi Mighty Max Parts & Accessories

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Your Mitsubishi Mighty Max's sturdiness may suffer if its parts are broken or damaged. Don't worry! You can easily replace them by getting new replacement Mitsubishi Mighty Max parts here at CarParts.com. We have a great collection of Mitsubishi Mighty Max aftermarket parts, including hoods, fenders, and grille assemblies for various year models. Our products are expertly sourced by reliable brands, guaranteeing OE-grade fit and performance at competitive prices. Shop for Mitsubishi Mighty Max parts now!

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Top Rated Products

Looks as it should , have not installed it yet
Mark W.
I installed it in my 72 Chevy Nova project car and it fits great. It honks well. It hSee More
Austin M.
Found what I needed, am very happy to be able to get parts other car parts stores areSee More
Muffler And More M.

Product Questions & Answers

Q:I looked at my 1988 Dodge Raider and then looked up a Dodge D50, the Raider does NOT have the triangle part in the side door. It will not fit the Raider. FYI, look up pictures and see for yourself. How can this be a guaranteed fit? Show Less
David R.
A:BEST ANSWERHi David, Based on our application guide these parts fit the 1988 Dodge Raider Base 4 Cyl 2.6L. I would recommend contacting your local dealership with your VIN number and ask them for the OE (Original Equipment) numbers for the mirror so that we can cross-reference it with our parts. Show less
Grace G.
1 Question, 1 AnswerView all Q&As >
Q:what is the sending unit and do i need it to make it work?
kevin w.
A:BEST ANSWERHi Kevin, The fuel sending unit is used to measure the amount of fuel in the fuel tank and communicate the fuel level to the fuel gauge on the vehicle dashboard. The gauge has four electrical points. It has one terminal for battery positive, a ground, illumination, and the signal, which is the wire to the sending unit. The ground on the gauge must be good for the gauge to work right. Whenever possible, the ground should be attached to the frame. Show less
Grace G.
5 Questions, 1 AnswerView all Q&As >

Shopping for Mitsubishi Mighty Max Parts

The Mitsubishi Mighty Max is known for its reliability and longevity. However, despite its durability, the Mighty Max still needs its fair share of repair and maintenance. Good thing shopping for Mitsubishi Mighty Max parts and accessories is easy and convenient here at CarParts.com.

Mitsubishi Mighty Max: Commonly Replaced Parts

Several owners have reported various problems with the Mighty Max’s clutch, which can fail. Some owners have reported that their clutch fork snapped, while others have reported that their clutch shaft assembly broke. The Mighty Max’s seatbelt might also not buckle properly.

The Mitsubishi Mighty Max also has a powertrain control module issue that causes intermittent stalling. Some owners have also reported that the gauges and lights in the dashboard can fail after years of use.

Luckily, finding high-quality Mitsubishi Mighty Max parts isn’t difficult if you know where to look. If you have issues with your truck, then you shouldn’t hesitate to replace faulty parts to restore its safety. Luckily, here at CarParts.com, we have a wide selection of parts and accessories that will fit your Mitsubishi Mighty Max perfectly.

Mitsubishi Mighty Max Aftermarket Parts

If you’re wondering whether to go for aftermarket parts or OE parts, just know that they’re exactly the same in terms of quality. However, aftermarket parts can save you money because they’re more affordably priced than their OE counterparts. You’re not compromising on quality either, as aftermarket parts have passed strict quality control standards during manufacturing. They’ll also fit just like the original because they’re made to OE specifications.

Aftermarket parts also give you more choices. You can compare parts from different manufacturers and brands so you can make sure you’re getting the best one.

Why Buy Mitsubishi Mighty Max Parts Online at CarParts.com

Our excellent catalog of OE-grade Mitsubishi Mighty Max parts and accessories will surely fit your needs. You can choose between replacement and performance parts. You can also shop confidently knowing that all our parts are sourced from leading manufacturers in the aftermarket industry. Forget about slow shipping because our available parts are ready to ship from our strategically located warehouses. We can deliver your part to your doorstep in as fast as two business days.

Our intuitive website can help you find the right parts with just a few clicks. Simply enter your Mitsubishi Mighty Max’s year in our vehicle selector to see a list of compatible parts. If you have any questions, just reach out to our friendly customer service team. Always remember to check your manual or consult a certified mechanic to make sure that you have the correct specifications for the part you need. Enjoy our fast shipping when you shop for Mitsubishi Mighty Max parts today!

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