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Five Natural Ways to Eliminate Odors from your Vehicle

Nowadays, a lot of car fresheners are available in the market. You can choose from fruit-scents to flower-scents, to cinnamon and beach, to breeze and angels and ‘morning-scent' as they tagged it. This is quite a number of choices to choose from. However, most of the time fresheners often just mask a smell. Although effective, it doesn't last long. The odor prevails over the freshener at the end of the day. This is one of the characteristics of an artificially made freshener. It doesn't actually eliminate the odor. Here are some natural ways to eliminate odor inside your car.

The wonder of Baking Soda

Other than its use in making our favorite breads and cakes, baking soda is tested to be effective in eliminating odor inside our vehicles. Leave an open container of baking soda in a smelly car or sprinkle it on the carpet then vacuum those visible. Either way, it effectively removes the stink you have in your car. However, it is important to note that before doing this, make sure the surfaces are dry. Otherwise, the baking soda turns into chalks and will not kill the odor.

That soothing scent of Ground Coffee

Leave an open bag of coffee beans in your car overnight. In doing this be careful not to spill the coffee grounds to avoid mess inside your car. It acts like a filter especially when you want to get rid of the smell of cigarette smoke and other unpleasant odors. Your car will most likely end up smelling like coffee instead of those spilled on it.

Charcoal is cool

Like the miracle of coffee, charcoal as well is a good substance to absorb smells. Natural ways like charcoal apart from their being inexpensive are also non-toxic. This is why it is safer to use them. Charcoal is a cheap and non-toxic deodorizer you can use effectively in your vehicle. So, though grilling season is coming to a close, don't put those charcoal away yet. Grab them and leave them in your car for a few days and you will find that bad odor has already gone.

Your Not-so-new Newspaper

Give this a try: those outdated newspapers you already read from cover to cover, just crumple them and stuff them into your trunk. It is said to absorb the odors in there. Accordingly, it removes odors from the trunk of your vehicle. However, it may take days or even weeks but trying it will never cause you any trouble. To speed this up a little, replace the newspaper every few days.

Orange and Lemon Peels for your Car

It is true that the scent of lemons and oranges can help remove the odors inside your vehicle. You don't need to buy those artificial fresheners available in the market as already mentioned above. Just leave some lemon or orange peels inside your car. It will keep your interior smelling fresh the natural way. This is one eco-friendly way to remove odors from your vehicles.

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