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Replacing a Damaged Oil Filler Cap Gasket

The smell of burning oil in the cabin can mean an oil leak in the oil filler. Besides being really messy and a pain to clean up, oil leaks can also do more damage to other car components. Accumulation of oil on the belly pan and various engine components is another symptom of an oil leak. It must be fixed before further damage is done to the other parts of the engine. If this happens, it is advisable to check if oil is leaking out of your filler even though the cap is on. If the cap is on and sealed tightly, the next thing to check is the oil filler cap gasket—that round rubber part that is secured to the oil cap. It might be cracked or corroded and might need replacement. Listed below are some simple steps to follow when replacing your oil filler cap gasket, along with tips on how to safely clean oil leaks.

Difficulty level: Easy

Tools you’ll need:

  • Clean rag

Step 1: Turn off your engine and pop the hood. Locate the oil filler cap. It usually sits on top of the engine valve cover on the driver's side of the engine assembly. In some vehicles, there is a clear marking that says engine oil only, just beside the grade of oil recommended by the manufacturer for your engine.

Step 2: Using a clean rag, wipe the area around the oil cap. Remove any dirt, oil, and other substances that have formed near it. After the oil fill cap has cooled down, remove it.

Step 3: Grip the cover tightly and rotate it counterclockwise. You might have to wrap the rag around the cap and use force until the cap is free from the valve cover. Make sure not to use any tools that may damage the cap.

Step 4: Set the oil filler cap upside down on a work table. Hold and press down on the filler stem. Carefully twist it until the cutouts are matching the latches. Once they are matched, let go. The mechanism will spring up and come apart. You can now remove the damaged gasket and replace it with a new one.

Step 5: Reassemble the components one by one. Reattach the filler stem and put the oil cap back on the oil filler—and you’re done.

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