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Oil Filter Housing Mount Guides

Finding the Oil Filter Housing Mount that can Keep Your Oil Filter Steady

Oil is a very important element that contributes to the cooling of your engine. Unfortunately, over time, a lot of dirt, grime, and impurities build up that if left unfiltered can do more harm than good. Enter the oil filter, whose only task is to make sure that these harmful particles don't get stuck in the system. Every good part deserves a strong base to hold it in place, and that's why you have to be careful when choosing a replacement oil filter housing mount.

Housing mount types

There are at least, three types of oil filter housing mount out there. The designs themselves do not come with descriptive names so we'll try to break them down for you:

  • The first is an all-metal design, tubular in body, with grooves across most of the body. The walls itself are thing and surround a wide, hollowed-out center.
  • The second has an all rubber or plastic body with a slim and thin metal fitting on the inside running the length of the tube.
  • The third is still tubular in appearance, but is completely solid in the center. On either end of this huge solid tube protrude a length of metal.
  • Find the perfect fit

    Your present mount is likely to fall under one of the outlined descriptions given above, and the only thing that you need to do is pick the one that matches your part exactly. Interchanging parts is a big no-no.

    The way to go about that is you either manually match the part to replacement or you match based on the part number. A part number allows you to get a compatible part easily. It's not a big secret but few people are aware that this information, printed in your manual or on the mount, makes finding the perfect fit a lot easier.

Engine Basics: Replacing an Oil Filter Housing Mount

The oil filter housing mount keeps your oil filter housing steady while the car is running. But this rubber mount can break or tear off due to wear-and-tear. Another factor is over-tightening of the oil filter housing lid, which creates too much stress on the mount. An oil filter housing mount is easy to replace and it won't take you the whole day to finish it. We listed the safety reminders, steps, and tools needed to help you replace your BMW's oil filter housing mounts.

Difficulty Level:


Tools that You'll Need:

  • 10mm wrench
  • Adjustable pliers
  • Open-end wrench
  • Water pump pliers
  • A set of screwdrivers
  • A set of new oil filter housing mounts
  • Safety Reminders:

    • Since you'll be working on your vehicle's engine, let it cool first.
    • Never over-tighten the oil filter housing mount because it can easily break apart.
    • Always check your car's service manual for the exact location of your car's oil filter housing mount.

    Step 1:Open your car's engine and locate the engine's oil filter housing. It's usually mounted to the car's chassis. Check the engine bay for signs of oil leaks.

    Step 2: If a part of the broken mount is still in the oil filter housing, use a pair of water pump pliers to remove it. You don't need to remove the entire oil filter housing.

    Step 2-A: If you need to remove the oil filter housing, use an open-end wrench to unfasten its 6mm hex bolt. Lift the cover and remove it from the oil filter.

    Step 3: Use a pair of adjustable pliers to twist and remove the oil filter housing mount from your car's engine. Carefully remove the old housing mount from the engine bay and avoid dropping it.

    Step 4: Repeat the process to remove the other housing mount from the engine bay. Use a pair of rags to clean the area where the new mounting bolts will be installed.

    Step 5: Check the oil filter housing mounts before installing them on your car. Make sure that you got the right part number to avoid problems later on.

    Step 6: Use your hands to screw the new set of mounts to the oil filter housing. Apply the right amount of torque to avoid any form of damage on the new mounts.

    Step 7: Use a 10mm wrench to mount the bolts to the car's chassis. Avoid over-tightening the bolts because it may cause engine damage.

    Step 8: Wipe the area clean and close your car's hood. Start your engine to verify the repair.

    Installing a new oil filter housing mount will take about 20 minutes for an expert DIYer and 30 minutes for a beginner. It's an easy project and have fun doing it!

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