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Oil Pick-up Tube: Getting a Replacement Made Easy

One of the ways to lengthen the operation of your car for a longer mileage or even improving its performance to its utmost strength is by buying an oil pick-up tube (or pickup tube) for it. This accessory (as opposed to replacement part) is an important part of any good oiling system that you can use whether your engine is at full-throttle or idling about. It's something you should have to keep your motor running without overheating or turning into a molten metal of disaster. Thus, it ensures optimum performance of your oil system. It's only a spoke on the wheel or a link of a chain, but as everyone knows, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Your oiling pick-up tube should serve as an extension to your oil pump so that it can go all the way to the bottom of your pan and ensure effective, trouble-free oiling of your vehicle. If you're looking for a replacement for the defective stock tube on your vehicle, read on below:

A Guide to Picking the Right Oil Pickup Tube

Here's the nitty-gritty regarding oil pick-up tubes.

  1. Find a Good Oiling Pick-Up Tube Provider: Don't compromise when it comes to these important lubrication tubes. You should patronize good companies like car companies with oiling system products or the ones rooted in racing and have years and years of experience in the oiling system market whose performance are proven in the racetrack. The tube will also indicate which cars it is best used for, but unlike with car parts, the make and model of your car has less of an impact on its effectiveness.
  2. The Earmarks of a Good Oil Pan Pickup Tube: A good oil pick-up tube should not cause instant loss of oil pressure that could damage the engine. Consult with your mechanic, gearhead friends, and car forums for more recommendations on products that don't break and have thick diameters. Your tube should also support bracing to further strengthen your assembly. The pickup tube should fit like a glove when screwed or bolted into your oil block or engine block.
  3. The Materials of the Tube in Question: Your tube should have a good finish (like one made of gold iridite) and an all-steel construction in order to take the rigors of regular oil changes and whatnot without slipping up or breaking down from the pressure. Even if you're purchasing it for regular car maintenance purposes, it doesn't hurt to go for the absolute best to ensure your car's wellbeing without settling for less.
  4. The Importance Oil Pan and Pump Compatibility: The oil pickup tube looks like a faucet and is used for effective oil drainage over a specific sort of oil pan. Rather than check the make and model of the car it's used for (and it's more of a universal type of car accessory anyway), it's better to check out which specific deep sump oil pan and oil pump it's supposed to optimally fit and function with. Sometimes it's sold in a set with the pan and pump, actually.

Check the Specs: For example, the specs of a typical dependable faucet-like oiling pick-up tube might include one bolt hole that's 0.25 inches in size, 0.75 inches in tube diameter, 0.24 pounds in weight, no requirement for gaskets, all-steel construction complete with strainer, and a price of about $200 (meanwhile, the accompanying oil pan costs about $390).

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