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Finding the Best Panhard Rod for Your Ride

As you slip behind the steering wheel, you'd want to gain full control of the vehicle. You'd want to be able to set the speed and get the power needed for the vehicle to climb, surge, corner, and move as swiftly and as gracefully as it could. It would also be sweet if the vehicle can handle like a dream. To enjoy that smooth, firm, and stable movement on the road, you need to have a sound vehicle suspension. And for that, your panhard rod should be in great shape to prevent the lateral movement of the vehicle's rear axles.

Material and finish

The panhard rod is a rigid bar that links an end of the axle to the auto body or the chassis to the vehicle's other side. The rod keeps the vehicle stable by preventing lateral movement, and in doing so, it improves the suspension's overall performance. Considering how it helps maintain a smooth drive, the panhard rod replacement should be as sturdy as it can be. Some of the most reliable rods are designed as a thick-walled steel tubing. They come with a durable finish to keep rust and road elements from easily causing damage to the rod.

Fit and other features

The panhard rod is essentially like a beam with bolts at both sides. The design is straightforward, but it does wonders in making sure that the suspension remains aligned, firm, and stable even during hard cornering. Some rods are made for racing applications. The rod can also be adjusted to accommodate different ride heights. To enjoy these pan rod features and benefits, you have to get a fitting replacement for the vehicle. Consider the vehicle's suspension design and other specs. The rod should be specifically made to match the OE specs or meet the standards, although some aftermarket products may provide better features for improved performance. Get a replacement rod for a specific make, model, and year of the vehicle. This ensures easy installation and premium function.

Kit and other options

If the only problem you have with your suspension is a damaged or worn-out rod, you can just order this as an individual piece or single item. But if the bushings seem to be on their way out as well, it would be best to order a kit instead. Polyurethane bushings are much better than any rubber since they deflect less and tend to last longer. As you shop for both the rod and bushings, also check if the bushings in the kit are greasable. Also note that the bushings come in different sizes. While an individual panhard rod can cost over a 100USD or more, depending on the brand and specific vehicle, the kit will set you back a couple hundred of dollars. Look for discounts and promos to get the best value for your money. Lower-priced items aren't necessarily inferior in quality. Auto parts stores offer wide-range options with a long list of brands that can guarantee product quality and compatibility. They come at a lower price because the items are sold directly to consumers through retailers. OEM/OES products no longer go through the car manufacturer for branding and packaging. Online auto parts stores are also able to offer lower their prices because of their less expensive overhead cost.

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