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I’m not the hands on guy but was able to do this quickly
Dennis Dennis
Purchased on May 04, 2020
Easy to install. Works great. Shipped on time.
Heath Smith
Purchased on Mar 27, 2020

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Peugeot is renowned for being one of the most famous French car brands around the world. From manufacturing coffee grinders in the 1800s, to creating topnotch bicycles in the same era, to supplying Formula One teams like McLaren with powerful engines in the late 20th century--Peugeot has definitely done its rounds in the manufacturing circuit. But more than its contributions to racing and home appliances, Peugeot is known worldwide for creating powerful vehicles and equally-important, top-quality Peugeot Parts.The company's name may have differing pronunciations, like 'peyot' in Spain, 'perzho' in England, 'pugu' in Malta, and 'poozho' or 'pyoozhoo' in the good ol' US of A, but however way you pronounce it, one thing remains certain: Peugot Parts are almost synonymous with 'high-performance components'. There's a reason why a lot of racing cars around the world use Peugeot engines'and that's because of the exceptional power these top-quality auto units bring. And we're not just talking about engines; Peugeot also provides great suspension units, exhaust parts, and even lighting accessories for your ride. So the next time you ever decide on boosting your vehicle's performance, settle for OEM components from Peugeot.A good place to look for great Peugeot 306 parts or Peugeot truck parts is online. There are a number of websites that could supply you with hard-to-find Peugeot auto parts at pretty reasonable price. Just remember to check your owner's manual to find out more about your vehicle's specifications before you buy anything.

Closer Look at Peugeot Automobiles

One of the world's oldest car manufacturers is actually French automaker Peugeot. Originally founded by the Peugeot family in 1810 as a bicycle and coffee mill company, it wasn't until 1882 that the company shifted to manufacturing automobiles. Over the years, the brand has grown to become not only a world class car maker but also excelled in competing in motorsports, creating motorbikes, and more. Today, the company retains a huge manufacturing plant in Sochaux, France along with an extensive collection of vehicles and other memorabilia in their own Peugeot Museum. Peugeot is currently part of PSA Peugeot Citron, which is now the second largest vehicle manufacturer in Europe.

The Peugeot family actually started participating in the manufacturing business in 1810 by producing mills that were used to grind coffee, pepper, and salt. Soon, they moved into bicycle production, which allowed Peugeot to realize that the automobile would be the future of transportation. The first Peugeot automobile was a three-wheeled steam-powered vehicle that was produced in 1889. From that first vehicle, the company soon grew along with the automobile industry and turned to the internal combustion engine in the 1890s. The company hasn't stopped innovating and has since become one of the biggest players in the industry today.

The brand's rich history wasn't limited to automobile manufacturing as it was also an early pioneer in motor racing. Race car driver Albert Lematre actually won the the world's first motor race, the Paris-Rouen race of 1894, in a 3 hp Peugeot. In fact, there were five Peugeots in that race and all of them finished in the main event. It was a testament to the performance and quality of Peugeot parts that even in their infancy were a notch above the rest. Today's modern Peugeot has expanded worldwide and is now manufacturing and marketing their vehicles in countries like China, Russia, South America, and India.

Peugeot Goes Green

When news about global warming hit the newsstands, many were a bit apprehensive at first. However, when climate change became apparent, people were convinced that something had to be done. A lot of people became obsessed with reducing their own carbon footprints even in their own little ways. Today, it's nice to see that a lot of car companies have joined the bandwagon and are doing their own efforts to reduce these harmful emissions that affect the environment and more importantly, people. Peugeot is just one of many automakers in the world who are now doing their best to go green and provide sustainable mobility solutions.

Raising environmental awareness through innovation

There are many ways to raise environmental awareness. To contribute to this cause, Peugeot has devoted over half of the company's research budget in finding ways to build cars that have reduced environmental effects. One of the most recent innovations from the company is the Stop and Start technology. Since 2003, Peugeot has been incorporating their cars with this feature, which is designed to improve aerodynamics and reduce body roll. This technology also uses nothing but green materials or components that are made from organic and recyclable materials.

One of the greenest cars manufactured by the brand to date is the Peugeot 208. This particular model is equipped Peugeot's micro-hybrid e-HDI system, which is one of the latest in engine technology. The company aims to make this vehicle a standard for environmental stewardship. Peugeot is also exerting efforts in manufacturing hybrid diesel engine vehicles that are equipped with the e-HDI and Hybrid4 features. Hybrid4 vehicles consume less fuel compared to other traditional diesel engines and this result to reduced emissions and smoother handling.

Sustainable mobility to a greener future

Back in 1941, Peugeot introduced the VLV?the first ever electric-powered vehicle in the world. This was the beginning of the brand's zero-emission electric cars. Peugeot is also developing the full plug-in hybrid, which is said to be the solution to eliminating carbon emissions. Another goal of the brand is to make efficient vehicles that emit less than 120g/km of CO2. To achieve this, Peugeot continues to adapt its eco-design strategy in making its units.

Peugeot: A Hybrid Pioneer

In 1941, Peugeot introduced the VLV, which is considered as the first ever electric-powered vehicle in the world. As you can see, Peugeot has always been on the lookout for technologies that can improve the quality, functionality, and reliability of cars. More importantly, the brand has always been a pioneer in creating technical innovations directed towards saving the environment. Today, Peugeot continues to exert efforts that are directed to making their automobiles more environment friendly, and this can be seen in its Hybrid line.

Hybrid Cars

Peugeot proudly offers its hybrid cars as something that can provide car owners the best of both worlds. You see, even if their hybrids are eco friendly, they remain reliable and powerful just like Peugeot's normal line of vehicles. Hybrid vehicles generally help the environment by producing lower CO2 emissions and reducing running costs. However, Peugeot hybrids standout from the rest because they are equipped with the Hybrid4 technology, which provide four types of driving modes namely the Auto, ZEV (Zero Emissions Vehicle), 4WD, and Sport. To select which driving mode you want to use, you can simply choose by using the selection dial located on the central console of the car.

Hybrid4 Technology

The Hybrid4 technology is another first by the brand. This particular technology combines the use of diesel and electricity all in one car. With this innovation, car drivers can easily choose whether they want to use a diesel engine or an electric motor, depending on what best fits their driving applications. The diesel engine is placed at the front and it's the one that runs the front wheels. This mode works perfectly well when driving on main roads and highways. On the other hand, the electric motor is located at the rear and it controls the rear wheels. This particular mode produces lower power and lower speeds, so it's ideal to use in smaller streets. The switch between engine and motor is done in an instant all thanks to Peugeot's Stop and Start technology. This innovation is powered by a reliable alternator that turns the engine on and off automatically.

Seeing Peugeot's current line of hybrid vehicles and the technological advancements that come with them, it is very exciting to see what the brand has in store for the years to come.

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