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Piston Ring Set

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Your car's engine burns a balanced mixture of air and fuel to produce power. But before the mixture is ignited, it needs to be compressed to make combustion easier. Compression is the main responsibility of the engine's pistons. The rings around each piston make sure no combustion materials escape the engine's cylinders.Likewise, these rings also keep oil in the crankcase from contaminating the mixture. A compression test would reveal a worn-out piston ring set by measuring the amount of compression produced in each cylinder. You'll need new piston rings if compression ratios fall below engine specifications.A piston usually has at least two compression rings and one oil ring. The compression rings, which are located at the top part of the piston, ensure maximum compression of the air-fuel mixture, while the oil ring prevents engine oil from seeping into the engine's combustion chambers.Keep your car's power at its optimum by maintaining its piston ring set. Carparts has complete sets readily available.

• Our piston ring sets can withstand high temperatures and pressure.

• They come complete with compression and oil rings.

• Carparts guarantees their high quality and excellent performance.