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Power Programmer Accessory Guides

The Easy Way to Install a Power Programmer Accessory

It's best to use a power programmer if you want to get an added power from your vehicle. It is recommended that you focus on tuning up your engine's computer first, rather than overspending from replacing your components straightaway. This optional upgrade will let your engine run at its highest which will result in better torque, fuel efficiency, and horsepower. So if you want an added boost to your engine's overall performance, here's a guide on how to install a power programmer.

Difficulty level: Easy

What you'll need:

  • Antifreeze coolant
  • 8mm socket and ratchet
  • 1/4" flathead screwdriver
  • Rubber Gloves
  • New Power Programmer

Step 1: Make sure to use rubber gloves to avoid any unwanted circumstances.

Step 2: Your battery must be fully charged prior the installation of the power programmer. This doesn't mean that you need to start your engine. Do not start your engine while programming.

Step 3: Carefully attach the provided cable ends to the black plastic adapter of your new power programmer.

Step 4: Make sure to stiffenthe thumbscrews of the cable for better support.

Step 5: You need to look for the Data Link Connector (DLC). It is usually located under the dash panel (near the driver's right knee side).

Step 6: After locating the DLC, carefully and cautiously plug the assembled adapter in it.

Step 7: Now, set the parking brake, and turn on your ignition key without starting your engine.

Step 8: Push the arrow located on your programmer. Just follow the instructions that will show up on the LCD.

Step 9: Your programmer will recognize your vehicle and setting through Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), then applications will show up on the LCD. There will be program applications such as top-speed limiter, rev limiter, tire size, engine tuning, rear-gear ratio, cooling fans operating range, Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) and shift firmness, and transmission shift point Miles Per Hour (MPH). These program applications can be downloaded from the programmer. Just choose between “Y” (Yes) or “N” (No) when choosing what to download and whenever questions are prompted on the screen.

Step 10: Make sure to monitor the installation. When it reaches 100%, switch the key to “OFF” for 30 seconds. The installation will approximately run for just approximately 5 minutes, and you won't get jaded while waiting.

Step 11: Before removing the cable from your DLC, remember to press the suggestedletter by the programmer first to avoid unwanted errors and hitches.

Step 12: You need to check your engine. Do this by starting and warming up your engine. Take note that the engine should run efficiently. A phrase, “Service Engine Soon” will prompt on your screen several times as soon as you start up your engine. That is normal, but if you hear unusual sounds during heavy acceleration, immediately call your dealer.

This is an optional upgrade for people who want to boost their vehicle without replacing any components. Installing a power programmer is very easy. It can only take you less than 30 minutes.

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