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Choosing the Right Power Window Kit

Having to turn your window crank whenever you want to roll your windows up and down can be a pain for most drivers. It is tiring, at times dangerous, and more often than not, inconvenient-imagine having to take your hand off the shift knob, then reaching for the turn-crank simply because you want to take in a cool breeze. Fortunately, you can upgrade from manual to power windows to have the convenience of opening and closing your window with the press of a button.

Features to look for

Some features to consider when buying a new power window kit are:

  • Motors and regulators with a lifetime warranty
  • Templates for easy wiring setup
  • A full wiring harness, which is not included in some kits

Changing to a power window setup is not an easy task, as you have to drill holes and run wires along your car's interior. Choose one that has very straightforward instructions on how to properly set up the kit. The manual that comes with it should also be able to give you templates and instructions on how to run the wirings when installing the new system. Make sure that this will not interfere with your car's current wiring setup. Buy a kit that you can easily install by yourself, or if you're planning to hire a mechanic to do so, choose a kit that will not require you to buy extra parts. For instance, a wiring harness is not provided by some aftermarket power window kit providers.

Aesthetic aspects to consider

You might also want to think about the color and appearance of the power window switches before buying a kit. Do they match the color theme of your car's interior? Do they fit in with the car's general look? Do they blend in nicely with the handles, where they are usually seated? Aesthetic aspects like these are not that important to car owners who are primarily after function, but if you are very particular about your car's interior, these are things you should consider.

Final note: Even though power window kits may be universal for a particular car model, the placement of the switches may have to be customized. Ask the aftermarket manufacturer for suggestions on how and where the switches should be mounted in your car. Additionally, ask the provider if there is a special wiring scheme that needs to be followed when installing these customized switches.

How to Install a New Power Window Kit

You can upgrade your manual windows to power windows to get the convenience of opening and closing your windows with one button. In this tutorial, we will show you how to install your new power window system. Note that you should buy a kit that is specifically designed to work in your particular car model.

Difficulty level: Difficult

Tools that you'll need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Rubber stoppers
  • Electric drill
  • Car door poppers

Step 1: Locate the ring locking the window crank, and push it forward to remove it. Loosen the control knob. Detach the armrest cover from the door panel using a screwdriver. Remove any hardware you see, and lift the door panel off the door.

Step 2: Carefully peel off the plastic covering located underneath the door panel. Hold the glass up by using a rubber stopper. Pry the mechanical regulator off from the window by removing the bolts or screws holding it in place.

Step 3: Attach the new electric regulator, along with the motor, to the door using mounting bolts that came with your new kit. Carefully attach the bottom of the glass onto the glass clamps. Attach the motor wires to the motor, and repeat steps 1-3 for the other door.

Step 4: Detach the blank plate from the center console, pull out the connector block and the wiring harness. Plug the rear window switch into the harness, and run the wires and harness behind the center console.

Step 5: Plug the relay module for the rear windows into the harness by passing it through the space inside the knee bolster, which is located under the dashboard. Tape or strap the module to a bracket to secure it in place.

Step 6: Plug the wires from the harness into the connector plug of the power window kit. Plug the connect block into the plastic block above the kick panel. Position the wires according to the wiring diagram that came with the kit. Free the rubber boot in the door jamb from the plastic block, and pass the wiring harness through the space. Plug the connector back into the block and secure it. Attach the ground wires to the ground bus block.

Step 7: Refer to the wiring diagram again and solder the required connections to the fuse box.

Step 8: Remove the panels and plastic cover on the pillars between the front and rear doors. Carefully drill a hole on the plastic wiring block and pass the wire harness through the drilled hole, through the rubber wiring boot and into the rear door. Finally, pull all the wires through the holes along the door handles, plug the wires into the power window kit, and reinstall the rear door panels.

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