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From the streets through the mud and up to the menacing boulders, Rancho has all the types in its sleeve to fit every road condition. The constant developments in Rancho Shocks' Technologies continue to shock the off-road junkies with their latest advancements for ultimate driving pleasure.

Rancho Shocks ensures a road warrior with a smooth ride, easy handling over stock, and the tough performance over deep potholes and other kinds of off-roading. Normally, an ordinary stock shock tends to weaken or bend during a truck's extensive travels. Rancho Shocks' various technologies make sure it is up to the challenge.

Breakthrough features like a hardened, double-chromed rod, twin-tube design, and double-welded mountings are nowhere to be found on mediocre shock absorbers in the market. Not to mention the finish that can withstand a 240-hour salt spray on top of the signature red boot covering the piston rod. No wonder the name Rancho Shocks had been trusted by trucker the world over for decades now.

Rancho Shocks 9000X pack high-performance components built for toughness. With a larger oil and gas chamber and parts like urethane or silica bushings, thick boots, and chromed-steel rods, Rancho Shocks can bravely face whatever type of road condition your truck may tread. On the other hand, the secret to the Rancho Shocks 5000 (RS5000) is that they are slightly firmer than its competitors. They are similar but are adjustable with a 5-position dial control, allowing for various settings to be used for heavy off-road or street driving.

Rancho Brand Articles

  • Tips on Buying Rancho Shock Absorber

    With 50 years of expertise, the finest shocks and suspension systems available are Rancho Shocks. Rancho Shocks are the original high performance shock absorber for light trucks and sport utility vehicles. Rancho Shocks offer quality and durability you can count on and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. With a wide variety of products to suit your needs, Rancho Shocks are the best choice for you.
    You can dial your ride with the RS9000X Rancho Shock Absorber. I give you total control over the ride quality of your truck or SUV. With a simple, fingertip adjustment, this Rancho Shock Absorber will help you tailor the ride of your vehicle for comfort on the road and ultimate control in the most demanding off-road conditions you can imagine. The RS9000X Rancho Shock Absorber has a tri-tube, mono-flow design to ensure exceptional perofrmance under a full range of load and temperature conditions. It is a damping shock absorber with a 9 position dial that allows you to customize your ride. The 9 position adjustment knob provides your desired preformance curve: firm for offroad, soft for street and mid-range for comfortable highway driving. The cellular gas design with Variable Force Control allows for precise flowmetering. Each of these Rancho Shock Absorbers has a graphite-impregnated Teflon band for smooth, reliable performance. Double-welded loops with red urethane bushings and a 5/8 inch hardened rod is double chromed to ensure long wear.
    A Rancho Lift Kit will give your vehicle the ride height you want without sacrificing the integrity of your suspension system. The Rancho Lift Kit provides lift using spindles, coils and a drop down subframe. It features a one piece MIG welded and reinforced subframe that requires no exhaust modifications. The torsion bar cross-member and front differential drop brackets are heavy-duty items and work in conjunction with the heavy-duty tubular subframe braces to provide a kit that is virtually bulletproof. Urethane bushings provide a longer lasting solution tha rubber, and are also included. You can even align the kit for OEM specifications. You can also retain the OEM differential skid plate to keep the front of your truck from those on and off-road hazards. The Rancho Lift Kit has a rear lift block and U-bolt kit, front brake lines and has heavy-duty inch high stregth steel construction throughout. In short, quality of craftsmanship and dedication to you, the customer, mean this product will fulfill whatever your automotive needs might be.

  • Choosing the Right Rancho Product, For the Right Job

    Rancho focuses all its energy on building the best truck shocks, since all they build is truck shocks

    Heavy-duty materials and construction go into every Rancho shock since they have to work harder than ordinary shocks

    Would you trust a suspension lift to just anyone? Use Rancho, the name you trust in truck shocks, for your lift kit needs

    Regardless of what type of truck or SUV you drive, Rancho shocks can give you more suspension travel for off-road duty

    You've seen Rancho shocks if you've spent any time in the performance truck world. The distinctive red and white housings of Rancho shocks have graced heavy-duty truck suspensions for decades now. There's a reason for that: Rancho shocks are built tougher to handle the unique challenges presented by an off-road truck suspension. Rancho shocks come in several varieties to suit different types of truck owners, but some things are common to them all. On all trucks, long piston/rod travel is required from Rancho shocks, and when an ordinary stock shock is at its full travel, it's weak and prone to bending. Rancho shocks use tons of technology (and good old fashioned engineering) to ensure they're up to the task. For example, a hardened, double-chromed rod, twin-tube design, and double-welded mountings are all features of Rancho shocks that you don't find on the competition. The internal design of Rancho shocks is also built for heavy-duty use, with larger gas and oil chambers than standard shocks. Finally, the outside of Rancho shocks are coated with a finish that can withstand a 240-hour salt spray and topped with their signature red boot covering the piston rod. It all adds up to some tough Rancho shocks, so whether your truck is lifted, lowered, or sitting stock, you're going to get a better ride on and off the road with Rancho shocks in the wheelwells.

    Choosing a lift kit is no small taskor a small investmentso you want to make sure you have one of the best names in the business supporting your vehicle. That's why choosing a Rancho lift kit is such a smart move. Not only does a Rancho lift kit have 20 years of design and engineering behind it, but the company is also full of off-road enthusiasts who know what they want in a tough truck and bring it to you in the form of their Rancho lift kit products. Every part of a Rancho lift kit is designed for strength and safety first. That includes the steering knuckles, stabilizers, spacer blocks, and the shocks that are included with your Rancho lift kit. In fact, most Rancho lift kit products come with in-cab adjustable shocks, allowing you to dial in your suspension for different terrain. Adjust your Rancho lift kit for the rough stuff when you're out in the woods, then soften it up for the ride home on the highway. All these engineering features make a Rancho lift kit a great buy, but the bottom line is this: If you buy a cheap lift kit, you're playing games with your safety and the safety of those on the road around you. For something this important, stick with a Rancho lift kit and get the backing of one of the biggest names in the off-road business.