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Your automobile contains more than gaskets, pipes, and mechanical linkages; under the dashboard lies a maze of wiring that makes up the ignition and electrical system. To keep these wires organized, your vehicle is usually equipped with a number of wiring harnesses.Among these is the remote starter wiring harness, a device that keeps ignition wiring in order. This wiring harness ensures that the wiring between the remote starter control module and the ignition switch is in place, so you can be sure that your remote starter works perfectly each time you use it.A remote starter wiring harness also makes it easier for you to install new remote starter wiring in your vehicle. Here at Carparts, we have remove starting wiring harnesses for virtually all vehicle makes and models.Get yours by posting an order at our catalogs, which we will ship directly to your doorstep. Order today!

• Keeps ignition wiring organized and in place

• Makes remote vehicle start-ups more convenient

• Designed to resist damage

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