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Who wouldn't want a vehicle that runs as it was designed to? No one, right? So if you think you already own such a ride, you invest your time and energy to keep it that way for a long period of time. You can do that by providing your ride with regular maintenance and replacing any damage component with a new and high-quality unit. When it comes to parts like automotive hoses, bleeder screws, and the likes, Russell is the name to trust. This brand takes pride in providing the industry with top-quality auto parts that meet and exceed all original equipment warranty requirements.

Of course, Russell won't be able to produce quality products if not for its knowledgeable staff that love and are involved in cars. In fact, most people in this company, especially those who run it, have a combined 25 years of experience in looking after the customer's automotive parts needs. One proof to the is that Russell fuel line that's made up of CPE synthetic rubber hose, which is compatible with hydrocarbon and alcohol based fuels. The outer layer of such hose is composed of braided stainless steel that can resist abrasion and corrosion. This line connects to OEM components easily and securely so maximum reliability is ensured.

Another remarkable product from this company is the Russell brake bleed screw that's made to fit any hydraulic brake or clutch system. Usually available in sets of two, this bleeder screw features patented thread sealing that displaces air and moisture during thread engagement. It also gets rid of the air that's pulled back into the system while bleeding. To resist galling and corrosion, the centerless ground check ball is made of stainless steel. Russell also makes sure that its bleeder screws come with unique double patent design to ensure authenticity. Other features set these screws apart from its competitors are its OEM style sealing area that guarantees positive leak-proof seal and computer engineered and wound spring, which ensures accurate progressive spring rate.

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